Östra Göinge

Last updated: 2/12-2022

Östra Göinge lies in northeastern Skåne, the historic borderland between Sweden and Denmark. Here the landscape changes character from cultivated land with large properties and farms, broadleaf forests and meadowland in the south to pine forest, smallholdings and lakes in the north.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

451 km²

The biggest and best known lakes are Immeln and Tydingesjön. The river Helge runs through Östra Göinge. In the past it was an important transport route, and several of the villages in Östra Göinge lie along the river. Today the Helge is an important source of hydroelectric power. There are five main communities: Broby, Glimåkra, Hanaskog Knislinge and Sibbhult. The municipal hall is in Broby.


Flats to rent are the most common form of accommodation in the municipality, but there are also a few tenant-owned flats and houses to rent.

Watch a video about how you go about renting a flat in Östra Göinge (available in five languages)

Language groups in the locality

The biggest languages are: English, Arabic, Persian, Tigrinya, Somali, German, Dari, Polish, Amharic, Thai, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Rumanian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, New Norwegian and Finnish.

Associations and organisations

The municipality is home to 72 different associations and voluntary organisations.

What is available in the immediate area

The municipality has practically everything you may conceivably need. Here you'll find libraries, food shops and different types of services and stores. There are also sports facilities here and a large range of different leisure and cultural activities. On the municipality's website you can read more about what is available and the activities on offer.

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Östra Göinge municipality has its own Labour market unit (Arbetsmarknadsenhet) which helps the municipality's inhabitants on their path to employment, including through job matching and help with application forms.

Östra Göinge municipality strives to give all new residents the same opportunities to become a part of the community, earn a living and make use of the municipality's institutions and services.

We want the people who come to Östra Göinge to become part of the community. A "language friend" (språkvän) ensures that new arrivals get a personal contact with the Swedish language and Swedish society.


Childcare is available in all the communities (Broby, Knislinge, Hanaskog, Sibbhult, Glimåkra, Hjärsås, Östanå).

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are comprehensive schools in Broby, Knislinge, Glimåkra, Sibbhult and Hanaskog. There is an upper secondary school in Sibbhult.

Education opportunities

Göinge Utbildningscenter (Göinge education centre, abbreviated GUC) is in Sibbhult, and there is a folk high school in Glimåkra.

Health and medical care

There is a pharmacy in Broby and another one in Knislinge. Broby and Knislinge also have medical care centres. Both have paediatric consultation services. Obstetric consultation services are available at the Knislinge centre. There are several dentists in the municipality. The nearest emergency ward is at Centralsjukhuset in Kristianstad, which also has a Women's Clinic and gynaecological consultation services. The Medical Care Helpline can be reached by dialling 1177. For emergencies dial 112.

Interpreter assistance

With all contact with the authorities, the municipality and health services, you are entitled to interpreting help if you do not speak or understand Swedish. This is booked in advance of the actual meeting.

Public transport

The municipality has a good bus network. The railway stations in Hässleholm, Kristianstad and Osby can be reached within 30 minutes by bus.

Work and entrepreneurship

Major employers in the area include Ikea in Älmhult, Östra Göinge municipality, Hässleholm municipality and Kristianstad City. Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Växjö are all within 90 minutes travel time, as are seven airports, one of which is international.

The conditions for starting and running a business in Östra Göinge are very good. Broby has a Growth and Entrepreneurship Unit (Tillväxt- och entreprenörskapenheten) as well as Nyföretagarcentrum, both of which can help you get started with your business.