Last updated: 2/12-2022

With Malmö Airport within the municipality and at easy distance from the Öresund bridge, Svedala is strategically located close to and with good commuting options to major cities, such as Malmö and Lund.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

227 km²

Of the municipality's 20,000 inhabitants, around 10,000 live in Svedala town. The frequent trains and direct connection to Denmark via the Öresund train contribute to the feeling of a major city region with the advantages of the smaller town.


Svedala municipality offers attractive housing in and close to nature. The housing consists of both detached family houses and flats. Svedala's municipal housing company is called Svedalahem.

Language groups in the locality

The main language groups in Svedala municipality are Thai and Arabic. First language teaching is provided in Thai, Arabic, Albanian, Pashtu, Farsi and Somali.

Associations and organisations

In the municipality there are a large number of associations with different emphases. For example, sports associations, cultural associations, churches and different communions. On the municipality's you can search in the association register for an association which matches your interests.

What is available in the immediate area

Svedala town has various types of shops, as well as banks, pharmacy, library and a popular indoor swimming pool, etc. The largest food shops are within walking distance of the centre.


Svedala municipality has many nursery schools. Waiting lists for the nursery schools are short, which means that you can get a place for your child almost immediately.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are comprehensive schools in the three population centres Svedala, Bara and Klågerup. The upper secondary school, Nils Fredrikssons Utbildning, NFU, is located in Svedala.

Education opportunities

Adult upper secondary education and Swedish for Immigrants is available at Nils Fredrikssons Utbildning, NFU, in Svedala. Other education is available in Malmö and Lund.

Health and medical care

Svedala has a medical centre, ante-natal clinic, child healthcare clinic and a dental clinic, and there is a medical centre in Bara. The nearest hospital is in Malmö (around 20 km).

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to help from an interpreter of your language when contacting public authorities.

Public transport

There are good communications by train and bus from Svedala to Malmö, Ystad, Lund and Trelleborg, among other cities. There are also direct trains to Copenhagen from Svedala.

Work and entrepreneurship

As the connections to major cities are good, there are many employers within commuting distance.