Last updated: 2/12-2022

Katrineholm is a medium-sized Swedish municipality, with an excellent, strategic location. One third of Sweden’s population can be reached within a 150 km radius. In Katrineholm, inclination is the driving force behind creativity and development – for life, learning and entrepreneurship.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1189 km²

It started with the railway in 1862. Now we are building the new Katrineholm – an industrial town along the railway has been developed into a housing and entrepreneurial town in the vicinity of Stockholm. Living and working here is attractive, and it shows. Over the last few years, both the population and our businesses have grown. With a fantastic and varied natural environment, lakes and pretty countryside, you will find quality of life. Here, you live in the heart of the Swedish Eden.


Do you want to rent a flat? Buy a tenant-owner flat? There are lots of different property companies offering various types of housing; central living in the town, but also varied housing in our smaller population centres Bie, Sköldinge, Valla, Strångsjö, Julita/Äsköping, Björkvik and Forssjö.

Language groups in the locality

Apart from Swedish, people in Katrineholm speak Arabic, Somali, Thai, Tigrinya, Tigré, Dari, Albanian, Persian, Amharic, Kurmanji, English, Finnish, French and Swahili, among other languages.

You can translate Katrineholm municipality's website to other languages with the help of Google Translate.

Associations and organisations

Katrineholm has a Church of Sweden and a number of free churches. The municipality has many active associations, including several immigrant associations to choose from. You can find all associations in the municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

Katrineholm municipality is located in the centre of beautiful Sörmland. It offers good opportunities to enjoy the natural surroundings, either for a nice walk in order to exercise and air body and soul, or to walk longer distances with packing.

There is also a broad range of art, culture and sports facilities. We have one of Sweden's largest sports facilities in our Sportcentrum. It is like a concentrated Olympic park. Here, you can practice around 40 different sports, all year round.

What is available in the immediate area

Katrineholm offers many events to take part in, so do look at the municipality's events calendar.

And on our tourism website you can find even more things to see and do. Do visit our tourism office, which is located in the station building at the central station.

Katrineholm offers all the services you need in the form of hospital, medical centres, library, banks, pharmacy, cinema, second-hand shops, restaurants, food shops and the popular indoor swimming pool. In several places, we offer free WiFi, for example in the library Ängeln, Sportcentrum, the city park, the youth club Perrongen, and the leisure area Djulö.

Our location means we are close to several of the major cities of Sweden. By train, you can reach Stockholm in around one hour, two hours take you to Göteborg, and 40 minutes to Eskilstuna and Norrköping.

The culture house Ängeln is a meeting place for all ages in central Katrineholm. Here you can find a library, art gallery and café, as well as a service office for social insurance and the tax authority.


There are 22 municipal and 3 independent nursery schools in Katrineholm municipality. We have gathered information about all Katrineholm's nursery schools on a joint nursery school website. Here you can find detailed information about each nursery school, apply for a place and read more about how we work.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Katrineholm municipality has around ten comprehensive schools in Katrineholm and in the smaller population centres Strångsjö, Valla, Bie, Julita, Björkvik, Sköldinge and Forssjö. Katrineholm also has three independent comprehensive schools.

Katrineholm offers four upper secondary schools. The upper secondary schools have several national programmes with various specialisations. Some of the programmes prepare for working life straight after finishing. Others are primarily a preparation for further studies.

There are also opportunities for several types of adult education in Katrineholm.

Education opportunities

In Katrineholm municipality, adults can study at Viadidakt. Viadidakt is a common administration for the labour market, integration and adult learning in Katrineholm and Vingåker municipalities.

Social orientation for new arrivals

Social orientation for new arrivals is a course about Sweden and how Swedish society works

Swedish for Immigrants (SfI)

Swedish for Immigrants (SfI) is education in the Swedish language for people who speak a different language than the Nordic languages.

Immigrants who live in Sweden are entitled to Swedish for Immigrants as from the second calendar six months after they turn 16 years old. Lack of basic knowledge of Swedish is also a criterion, as this is what the course aims to provide.

Based on their own prerequisites, each person gets support in order to learn Swedish as quickly as possible, get work and manage to support themselves, as well as partaking of the rights and obligations that apply in Sweden. The course may vary in length depending on how much you already know, and how easy you find it to learn a new language.

Language café

At the municipality's language café, you can practice Swedish and find new friends! Together with the library in Katrineholm, Viadidakt offers language cafés. Here, immigrants and Swedes can meet to speak Swedish and drink coffee. In pleasant and informal circumstances, we learn about each other's culture, find new friends and practice Swedish.

Read more about adult education in the municipality.

Basic adult education

Basic adult education is education for persons who are older than 20 years and who do not have the knowledge that children and young persons acquire in comprehensive school. The education is free and voluntary.

You decide the goal of the education and how quickly or slowly you want to study. You can attend the basic adult education at the same time as working or studying some other subject. Viadidakt also offers basic education to adults with mental disabilities, so-called special adult education.

Upper secondary adult education

Upper secondary adult education is intended for those who are adults and want to study one or several courses at upper secondary level, in order to get a job or prepare for further education.

Higher education

Katrineholm offers opportunities for further studies. Viadidakt collaborates with several universities, colleges and vocation further education institutes. This means that you can read various courses on location in Katrineholm

Campus Viadidakt

If you are studying at university level, you can use premises, services and the technical equipment that is located at Campus Viadidakt at the Kullbergska house in Katrineholm. Our premises have Internet access, computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, tele-imaging equipment, wireless network and a pantry where you can buy coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Our premises are open all days of the week. Sometimes the premises are booked for lectures or training courses.

Health and medical care

Katrineholm municipality has a smaller county hospital, the Kullbergska Hospital. Region Sörmland is responsible for the hospital and the three medical care centres with child health care centres and district nursing wards.

Interpreter assistance

Interpreting assistance is offered in contacts with the municipality, public authorities and medical care, if necessary. You should contact the authority in question for interpreting assistance.

Public transport

The geographic location of Katrineholm is unique. The east and west main lines meet here. One third of Sweden's population can be reached within a 150 km radius. Trains from Stockholm to Katrineholm take less than an hour, while the journey time to Göteborg is two hours. Other cities that are easy to reach by train are Norrköping, Linköping, Eskilstuna and Västerås. Many who live in Katrineholm commute to work in nearby cities.

You can reach Katrineholm in around one hour by car from Norrköping, Nyköping, Eskilstuna and Örebro.

Both Norrköping Airport and Stockholm-Skavsta Airport are less than an hour's drive from here. There you can check in quickly and conveniently, without long queues and waiting times.

Here, you have the advantages of the smaller town, with the opportunities of the capital at a convenient distance.

Work and entrepreneurship

Apart from Katrineholm municipality and Region Sörmland, major employers are SKF, Ericsson, Kronfågel, Sörmlands Grafiska and Finja Prefab.

There is also a large labour market within commuting distance. Stockholm, Örebro, Eskilstuna, Norrköping and Linköping are within a hour's journey time from Katrineholm.