Last updated: 2/12-2022

The municipality of Vingåker has around 8,800 residents and a long tradition within the clothing trade. In Vingåker, suits among other things are made in a large factory which today has become one of Sweden’s largest outlets for quality clothing, Vingåkers Factory Outlet.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

439 km²


There are seven urban centres in Vingåker municipality. Läppe, Österåker, Högsjö, Viala, Baggetorp, Marmorbyn and Vingåker. There are many different housing companies which can be approached.

Language groups in the locality

In the municipality of Vingåker, the languages apart from Swedish which are spoken include Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, Dari, Tigrinya, Arabic, Thai, French, Amharic, Romany, Russian, Pashto, Tigre, Albanian, Bengali, English, Portuguese and Syrian.

Associations and organisations

There are many sports clubs within the municipality of Vingåker for example; Vingåker's volleyball club, Båsenberga's Alpine Ski Club and Vingåker's Riders' Association. There are many small companies in Vingåker and the largest which is still active in Vingåker's history in clothing is Vingåkers Factory Outlet which offers inexpensive designer clothing. You will find all the associations listed in the municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

Most facilities are to be found in central Vingåker. Municipal office, library, public baths and Säfstaholm Castle. More information on what is available can be found on the municipality's website.

The Church of Sweden and the Red Cross have operated a meeting place for a number of years, an open house where immigrants and other residents of Vingåker can meet. At Vingåker's service office located at Åbrogården Storgatan 55 there are amongst other things social service office, police station ​and adult education using Viadidakt.

When contacting the employment centre, it is often required that you book an appointment in advance. Video conferencing is also offered.


In the municipality of Vingåker there are a total of 11 preschools. There are six preschools in Vingåker itself, one in Högsjö, one in Österåker, one in Marmorbyn, one in Baggetorp and the private one in Läppe. The Family Centre in Vingåker also offers an open preschool.

There are six after-school recreation centres in the municipality of Vingåker. There are two in Vingåker, one in Marmorbyn, one in Högsjö and one in Österåker.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are five comprehensive schools in Vingåker. All the comprehensive schools encompass preschool to year 6 with the exception of Vidåker School which covers years 7-9. There are three in Vingåker, one in Högsjö and one in Marmorbyn.

The municipality of Vingåker does not have its own upper secondary schools, with the exception of two for induction programmes. Our municipality has an agreement with Katrineholm, Flen and Hallsberg with respect to upper secondary school places.

Education opportunities

Viadidakt is a joint organisation shared by the municipalities of Katrineholm and Vingåker which is responsible amongst other things for social orientation for new arrivals, Swedish for immigrants and basic and secondary adult education. Viadidakt also offers study and vocational guidance.

Social orientation for new arrivals

Social orientation for new arrivals provides education about Sweden and how Swedish society operates.

Education in Swedish ​for immigrants

Education in Swedish for immigrants, which is abbreviated to sfi, is training in Swedish for those who speak a language other than the Nordic languages. The right to education in Swedish for immigrants is granted to anyone resident in Sweden from the second calendar year after he or she reaches the age of 16. You must also lack the basic knowledge in the Swedish language which the training aims to provide.

Based on each person's own requirements, they receive support in learning Swedish as quickly as possible, obtaining work, managing to support themselves and becoming acquainted with the rights and obligations which apply in Sweden. The length of the training period will vary depending on what you already know and how easy you find it to learn the language.​​​

Basic adult educ​​​​​ation

Basic adult education for anyone over 20 years old who does not possess the knowledge which children and young people receive in comprehensive school. The education is free and voluntary.

You determine the goal of the education and how quickly or slowly you will study. You can take the basic education course alongside your work or another study course. Viadidakt also offers basic education to adults with developmental disorders, so-called special adult education.

Upper secondary adult edu​​cation

Secondary adult education is for adults who want to study one or more courses at upper secondary level to gain employment or qualify for further studies.

University, high school and vocational col​​lege

There is the opportunity to take further studies in Katrineholm. Viadidakt collaborates with several universities, high schools and vocational colleges. This means you can study several subjects in while remaining in Katrineholm.

Campus Viadid​akt

Those who are studying at high school level can use the premises, services and technical facilities available at Campus Viadidakt located at Åbrogården, Storgatan 55 in Vingåker. Available in these rooms are internet connections, computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, telephone equipment, a wireless network and a kitchenette where you can buy coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Our premises are open every day of the week. Some of the rooms are unavailable if they are booked for lectures or teaching.

Health and medical care

In Vingåker there is the Vingåker welfare centre, family centre, national dental health service and Vingåkerstandläkarna AB. Emergency treatment is available in Katrineholm at Kullbergska Hospital.​​

Interpreter assistance

Interpreting assistance is available if required whenever you need to contact the municipality, authorities or healthcare. You should contact the authority for interpreting assistance.

Public transport

The local buses which operate in the municipality of Vingåker are operated by Länstrafiken Örebro AB and Länstrafiken Sörmland. From the train station you can take a train from SJ.

Work and entrepreneurship

Vingåker is located centrally around an hour's drive from Örebro, Eskilstuna, Nyköping and Norrköping. The train from Hallsberg to Stockholm stops in Vingåker, Katrineholm, Flen, Gnesta and Södertälje. This means it is easy to commute between the major cities.