Last updated: 2/12-2022

Huddinge is located just to the south of Stockholm. Huddinge is the second largest municipality in the Stockholm region, with an unbeatable location where beautiful natural and open air areas meet the comforts of the major city.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

140 km²

Here there is Flemingsberg with colleges and universities, and the largest shopping area in Scandinavia, Kungens Kurva. Huddinge has one of the country's most international populations. The inhabitants of Huddinge come from many parts of the world. Approximately every third inhabitant has immigrated, or has parents that immigrated to Sweden from another country.


Huddinge has a mixture of single-family houses and flats. Around one third of the housing in the municipality is rented. The queues for rented flats can be very long. The municipality does not have its own housing queue for rented flats, instead it collaborates with Bostadsförmedlingen i Stockholm AB.

Language groups in the locality

Huddinge's inhabitants come from more than 150 different countries. Many have immigrated from Iraq, Finland, Turkey and Poland. Children and young persons who have a first language other than Swedish can receive tuition in their own first language at school, in more than 40 languages.

Associations and organisations

Huddinge has almost 400 active associations, with activities for people of all ages. You can search the municipality's association register for one to suit your interests.

What is available in the immediate area

Societal services, such as municipality information, employment service, social services and libraries are available in the municipality. There are shopping centres with shops and restaurants in many part of Huddinge municipality. It is easy to get to shops that sell new and second-hand furniture and clothes. A short trip by commuter train or underground takes you to the range of shops and services in central Stockholm.


For children aged 1–5 years who need childcare, there are nursery schools and family day nurseries. Huddinge has around one hundred municipal and private nursery schools, with various specialisations.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Huddinge has just over 30 comprehensive schools and six upper secondary schools. There are both private and municipal schools. As a parent, you can apply to the school you want your child to attend.

Newly arrived children who are to start school and their parents can get support from Resurscentrum för nyanlända (RCN) for nursery school and comprehensive school to make the reception as good as possible. As a parent, you can contact them with all questions about your child starting school.

Education opportunities

Huddinge offers several options for adult education. The municipal adult education Vux Huddingen offers courses that renew or deepen your knowledge at upper secondary level or comprehensive level. There are also qualified vocational courses that leadto work, or give you competency for further studies.

For new arrivals in Sweden who need to learn Swedish, there are courses in Swedish for Immigrants (SfI). In the university area Flemingsberg, around 20,000 students study at Södertörn University, the Karolinska Institute and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Health and medical care

Huddinge has a university hospital with an accident and emergency department, and smaller medical centres in the various districts of the municipality. At 1177 Vårdguiden, you can ask questions and get advice and also find summary information about health and medical care in Stockholm county.

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to help from an interpreter of your language when contacting public authorities.

Public transport

From Huddinge, you can travel by SL's underground, buses and commuter trains. It takes 15–20 minutes to reach Stockholm central station, depending on where in the municipality you live. From Flemingsberg, you can also travel by SJ train.

Work and entrepreneurship

The largest employers are Karolinska university hospital in Flemingsberg, with around 6,500 employees, and Huddinge municipality, with around 6,000 employees. Other major employers are the Karolinska Institute and IKEA. Many people living in Huddinge commute to work in other nearby municipalities.