Last updated: 2/12-2022

Salem municipality has one of Sweden’s youngest populations. We have family-friendly housing in beautiful surroundings and large recreation areas.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

71 km²

The municipal service produces good results and receives good reports in surveys and quality measurements. We have a flourishing range of associations, and if you want to partake of the offerings of a major city, it only takes 30 minutes with the commuter train to reach Stockholm.


In Salem municipality, there are rented flats, tenant-owner's flats and freehold terraced and detached houses. There is no municipal housing company, but there are private landlords.

Language groups in the locality

Arabic, Spanish, English, Polish and Finnish.

Associations and organisations

There are lots of different associations in the municipality, for example cultural and sports associations and religious associations.

What is available in the immediate area

There are two shopping centres in the municipality. In Salem centre, there is a library, pharmacy, food shop, state alcohol shop, second-hand shop for clothes, bank, clothes shops and restaurants. In Rönninge centre, there is the commuter train station, food shop and restaurants.


In Salem, we offer nursery schools and family day nurseries for children aged 1–5 years. You can choose whether your child attends a municipal or independent nursery school or family day nursery. We also have an open nursery school that is intended for parents at home with small children. Here, children and parents can play and meet others free of charge.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Compulsory school

Skogsängsskolan has two classes for those who have recently moved to Sweden and who speak a language other than Swedish. There is a preparatory class for younger pupils aged 7–11 years and a preparatory class for older pupils aged 12–15 years. In total, the municipality has four comprehensive schools from pre-school class to year 9.

Upper secondary school

Salem has one upper secondary school, Rönninge gymnasium, which offers occupational and theoretical programmes. You can also apply freely to any upper secondary school in Stockholm county.

Education opportunities

Swedish for Immigrants

SfI is a basic course in Swedish langauge for adults whose first language is not Swedish. In Salem, you can study SfI full-time or part-time in premises located at Rönninge gymnasium. The courses are free of charge. You can borrow books for the course.

Adult education

Municipal adult education (Komvux) is a school where adults can read the same subjects as in comprehensive school and upper secondary school. If you have not completed comprehensive school or upper secondary school, you are entitled to study at Komvux. If you complete your upper secondary studies at Komvux, you can apply to a college or university.

Studying at Komvux is free of charge, but you have to pay for your books and other study materials needed.

The education is carried out either in classrooms or remotely.


Salem municipality collaborates with neighbouring municipalities in relation to adult education for those who are more than 20 years old and have learning difficulties.

Särvux/Lärvux offers:

  • small teaching groups
  • teachers with special needs skills
  • study and occupational guidance
  • studies at comprehensive level in Swedish and Mathematics
  • SfI

Civic orientation

Salem municipality collaborates with other municipalities in Stockholm county to offer social orientation in lots of different languages. Centrum för samhällsorientering in Stockholm arranges the courses.

Read more about adult education at:

Health and medical care

When you or your children become ill, you should in the first instance attend the medical centre at Salem centre. This includes a medical centre, ante-natal clinic and child healthcare clinic. When the medical centre is closed, you should contact Närakuten Södertälje Sjukhus. Medical advice is available round the clock at Vårdguiden, telephone 1177.

There is also a dentist in Salem centre.

Interpreter assistance

You are entitled to interpreter assistance in all contacts with public authorities, municipality and medical care if you do not speak or understand Swedish. Interpreters are booked in advance by the authority you are seeing. The municipality has links to an interpreter agency. We book an interpreter if you need when in your contacts with us.

Public transport

Sales has public transport by bus and commuter train. The commuter train line from Stockholm to Södertälje stops at Rönninge station.

Work and entrepreneurship

Unemployment is low in the municipality. There are not a lot of large workplaces in the municipality, but it is easy to commute to workplaces in other municipalities. Salem has around 400 companies. The most common activities are services, retailing, building and construction and consultancy services. Most companies are small, with 4 employees on average. The largest employer is the municipality, with around 900 employees.