Last updated: 2/12-2022

With it’s proximity to Stockholm city and airports and a town centre with a wide range of services, Sundbyberg has much to offer.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

9 km²

Sundbyberg is Sweden's smallest municipality in area while also being one of the fastest growing in the country. This makes the municipality one of the country's most densely populated municipalities.

In the municipality there are shops, restaurants, banks and a well-developed public transport system. There is a rich association and cultural life here. You are also near to nature and recreation areas.


In Sundbyberg there are flats with the right of tenancy and cooperative flats, privately owned houses and terraced houses. One of Sweden's largest property construction projects is located here, Ursvik​, which will rapidly increase the number of residents.

Sundbyberg's municipality property company is called Fastighets AB Förvaltaren and offers flats with the right of tenancy. You can apply to be added to the housing queue by visiting the property company's website. There is what is called a youth guarantee which means that young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years who are registered in the municipality shall be able to obtain accommodation.

Language groups in the locality

The commonest foreign languages in Sundbyberg are Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic and Persian.

Associations and organisations

There are many associations in Sundbyberg, including, sport, cultural and music associations. There are associations for retirees and for immigrants, for example the Eritrean Association.

What is available in the immediate area

It is said that Sundbyberg is one of the country's municipalities with the largest number of restaurants, and there are also food shops, stores and second-hand shops. There are banks, two libraries, a recently built swimming baths, sports halls, an ice-skating rink, playgrounds, green open spaces and exercise areas. There is also Marabou Park's art gallery, community centre and a municipal museum. Sundbyberg's town centre association​ works for an active town centre with attractive retail opportunities.

The Municipal House is located at Östra Madenvägen 4 in Hallonbergen. Here there are amongst other things social services and people who work with refugees. In Hallonbergen you can also study sfi.

The Migration Board is located in Sundbyberg together with a tax office, while the closest job centres are located in Solna and Stockholm.


In Sundbyberg there are 40 preschools (both municipal and independent). One of them offers all-day care which means that the preschool is open around the clock and is intended for those children whose parents work evenings or at night.

There are also childminders where children stay in small groups in the home environment.

In the town there are also three open preschools. Parents who are at home can go there with their children to meet other parents and children and take part in different activities.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are twelve comprehensive schools (both municipal and independent). One of the schools is a special comprehensive school which meets the needs of children with developmental problems who do not have the level of knowledge required for comprehensive schools.

Children up to year 3 can go to after-school recreation centres after the end of the school day and during the holidays. For children in years 4-6 there are recreation clubs.

In Sundbyberg there are four upper secondary schools (both municipal and independent). One of the schools, St Martins Upper Secondary School, has vocational education where you can receive education within the fields, for example, of handicrafts, fashion and design. Löfström Upper Secondary School is aimed at pupils who do not qualify for the upper secondary school's national programme. The school prepares pupils for other upper secondary education or work.

Education opportunities

SFI (Swedish for immigrants) is available for those over 16 years old.

At the Centre for Adult Education adults can undertake study in comprehensive education, upper secondary skills or to apply for high school or university. Vocational training is also offered here.

Särvux (special education for adults) is for adults with special requirements who lack education or need to improve their education.

Health and medical care

There are welfare centres all around Sundbyberg where you can book an appointment with a doctor or an emergency appointment. In the municipality there are also antenatal clinics and child care centres. There is also a number of dentists.

Interpreter assistance

The municipality has an agreement with an interpreting company and arranges interpreting help when this is needed when communicating with residents in the municipality.

Public transport

Communications within, to and from Sundbyberg are good. There are underground railways, buses, long-distance trains and light rail lines here. It takes around ten minutes to travel into central Stockholm. There are also communication links to several other suburbs and the surrounding area.

There are two airports, Bromma airport and Arlanda, in the vicinity. You can reach here by car or public transport.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Sundbyberg there are many jobs and a wide range of services. There are over 4,000 companies both large and small in the municipality. At Nyföretagarcentrum there is help for those who want to start up a business or have recently done so. There you can get advice about business aspects or financing for example.

The municipality’s business community and companies

1,800 people are employed by the municipality. As there are many moving people to Sundbyberg, the municipality needs more employees to be able to satisfy the need for services. Amongst other things there is work within preschools and elderly care.