Uppsala län

Last updated: 2/12-2022

​Uppsala county is one of Sweden's fastest growing counties. The largest city is the county town of Uppsala, where more than 200,000 of the county's 345,000 inhabitants live. The natural landscape is varied, and includes everything from deep forests to archipelago environments. The county has just over 250 lakes and the archipelago has 11,300 islands. Uppsala county is part of the Stockholm labour market region, and it only takes 40 minutes to travel by train between Uppsala and the centre of Stockholm.

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Municipalities in Uppsala län

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Housing situation

Uppsala is a popular county to live in and the population is constantly growing. The county is relatively small, with good communications and closeness to most things. There is a lack of housing in the county, but at the same time lots of new housing is being built in several areas. The municipalities' work on satisfying the need for housing is seen as important, and there is regional collaboration to promote house building.

Business and employers

Among the biggest employers in the county are the municipalities, Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and the region. The armed forces and the industry supplier Sandvik Coromant AB in Gimo are also major employers, and there are many small businesses that are expanding, particularly in the service sector.

Associations and organisations – civil society

The county has lots of different associations, such as cultural associations, sports clubs, ethnic associations, faiths, and aid organisations, etc The county administrative board has started work on highlighting not-for-profit activities in the reception of new arrivals with the aim of getting more powers from the associations to collaborate with the public sector within the area of integrationAn important aspect is that participation in associations can contribute to people feeling more welcome as new arrivals, and provides the chance of making new contacts.

Schools and education

The city of Uppsala is an old university town with many traditions, and is the home of two of Sweden's most prominent universities, Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The universities carry out both teaching and research of world classThere are also several vocational further education institutions, such as Enköping Vocational College.

Medical care

The region is responsible for the medical care in the county. Uppsala municipality has the University Hospital (Akademiska), one of the biggest in Sweden, and Enköping municipality has a general hospital. There are 51 medical care centres spread across the county. Health care and dental care are also the responsibility of the region.

Culture and leisure

The city of Uppsala offers a broad range of cultural events, with theatres, museums, concerts and festivals. Each municipality also offer a broad range of associations and leisure activities. Each municipality has open-air recreation areas. There are plenty of visitor attractions in various nature areas throughout the county, for example in the archipelago.