Last updated: 2/12-2022

Knivsta is a young and growing municipality with a pioneering spirit and a strong identity. Midway between the big cities, the municipality can offer lovely countryside and rich opportunities for active leisure pursuits. Cultural life and civil society are also plentiful and active.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

295 km²


In the population centres of Knivsta and Alsike, many people live in detached houses with gardens. But there's more to Knivsta than the population centres – a large share of the municipality's inhabitants have homes in our lively rural areas. The municipal housing company Knivstabostäder rents out flats in Knivsta, and there are also several other landlords in the municipality.

Language groups in the locality

Knivsta municipality's website has information in a number of languages: English, Arabi, German, Farsi, Romani, Somali and Finnish. The site can also be translated into a wide variety of languages via Google translate.

Associations and organisations

Knivsta municipality has a diverse civil society with around 55 different associations dedicated to sports, culture, outdoor life etc. for children and young people as well as adults. The population centre and all the rural areas have a rich and interesting cultural heritage, having been important settlements since the Stone Age. This heritage is kept alive by several active local culture societies.

What is available in the immediate area

Kontaktcenter Knivsta and the library are both in the Municipal Hall. The social welfare office is centrally located in the municipality. There are a number of supermarkets and some smaller shops selling clothes, furnishings and stationery in Knivsta. Once a week, the police are on site in the Municipal Hall and can answer questions and take care of simpler matters. The Social Insurance Agency, the Employment Service and the Tax Agency are all represented in Uppsala.


There are 12 municipal and 11 independent preschools in the municipality.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are ten comprehensive schools in Knivsta, of which eight municipal and two independent. Three of them are secondary schools – Thunmanskolan, Margarethaskolan and Alsike skola. Close to Thunmanskolan is Hälsohuset, with an indoor swimming pool and a gym. Knivsta is also home to Sjögrenska gymnasiet (upper secondary school), which offers several vocational programmes, as well as the introductory programme. It is also possible to attend upper secondary school in other municipalities.

Education opportunities

Adult education with Sfi is available in Knivsta. There are universities and university colleges in the surrounding area.

Health and medical care

There are two medical care centres and national dental health care services in Knivsta. The nearest emergency ward is at Akademiska sjukhuset in Uppsala.

Interpreter assistance

For visits to e.g. the medical care centre, social welfare office, social insurance agency or employment agency, you are entitled to an interpreter if you need one. Please state this when making your appointment.

Public transport

Trains, commuter trains and buses provide connections to Uppsala, Arlanda and Stockholm. Knivsta is near the E4 motorway. Arlanda airport is Sweden's biggest international airport. Train travel times are 10 minutes to Uppsala, 30 minutes to Stockholm and 7 minutes to Arlanda.

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Work and entrepreneurship

The biggest employer is Knivsta municipality, with almost 900 employees. Other big employers are in the manufacturing and trade sectors. However, most companies are small businesses in various sectors, with one or two employees. A large part of the labour market lies beyond the municipality, and more than 5000 people commute from Knivsta every day. Most of them work in Uppsala (Akademiska sjukhuset and the universities) or in Sigtuna municipality (the Arlanda area).