Last updated: 2/12-2022

Östhammar is an archipelago municipality in Uppsala county offering quality of life to its inhabitants through its proximity to nature and its vibrant business community, and the possibility of developing in one of the county’s most dynamic regions.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

3713 km²

The municipality is made up of five population centres and the rural areas between them, and the excellent communications mean that inhabitants are never far from the Mälar Valley region, with Uppsala, Arlanda and Stockholm within comfortable commuting distance.


Östhammar municipality consists of the population centres of Östhammar, Öregrund, Gimo, Österbybruk and Alunda. The central community is Östhammar. The municipality has about 22 000 inhabitants. Östhammarshem is the municipal housing company, offering rented flats in Östhammar, Gimo, Öregrund, Alunda, Österbybruk and Harghamn. Östhammarshem manages about 1900 flats in the municipality.

Language groups in the locality

Currently, native language teaching is offered in Thai, Arabic, Tigrinya and Somali in Östhammar municipality. Teaching can be arranged in other languages if there are at least five students.

Associations and organisations

With 49 sports clubs and a wealth of other associations, Östhammar provides ample opportunities for recreational activities. Sports, and football above all, are an important part of the municipality's profile. There are also religious, political and social associations which together contribute to Östhammar's diverse civil society.

What is available in the immediate area

There are ICA supermarkets in the population centres. The Employment Service has local agencies in Gimo and Östhammar. Most communities have a library: Östhammar, Gimo, Österbybruk, Alunda and Öregrund. The municipality has a citizen's forum where citizens can submit proposals or ask about matters to do with the municipality.


There are 12 municipal preschools and 10 day recreation centres in Östhammar municipality.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are 14 municipal comprehensive schools. Resursskolan is a school for pupils with special needs. The comprehensive schools are spread throughout the municipality.

Östhammar has four upper secondary schools – three municipal and one independent. There is also a cooperation agreement with Uppsala and Tierp, meaning that pupils can choose from all the national programmes.

Education opportunities

Östhammar also has a wide range of adult education programmes. There are collaboration agreements with other municipalities, meaning that pupils can do distance learning programmes or study in another municipality.

Health and medical care

Within the municipality you'll find a number of different forms of care. Here there are amongst other things a welfare centre for general issues and access to child care, antenatal care and dental care. On the municipality's website you can find more information about who you can turn to for different areas of care.

Interpreter assistance

With all contact with the authorities, the municipality and health services, you are entitled to interpreting help if you do not speak or understand Swedish. This is booked in advance of the actual meeting.

Public transport

There is a bus to Uppsala via Öregrund, Östhammar and Gimo that departs twice every hour. From Österbybruk there is a bus that connects with Upptåget twice every hour. The travelling time from Östhammar is about one hour.

Work and entrepreneurship

With 1500 companies in a range of industries, and situated in the part of Uppsala county with Sweden's best labour market, Östhammar can offer good opportunities for work and self-support. The business community in Östhammar is dominated by goods producers such as Forsmark nuclear facility and Sandvik Coromant, but there are also a large number of service companies in the municipality, contributing to a diverse labour market.

The municipality's five biggest employers are Östhammars municipality, Sandvik Coromant, Forsmark Kraftgrupp, Region Uppsala and Iss Facilities Services. The establishment of a facility for final disposal of nuclear waste and of the Dannemora mine are also expected to create new jobs in the municipality.

The other communities in the county are within comfortable commuting distance, and the labour markets in Uppsala and Stockholm mean that new arrivals have good opportunities for finding work.