Värmlands län

Last updated: 2/12-2022

Around 274,300 residents live in Värmland county. Most live in the county's largest town of Karlstad. Värmland has beautiful natural surroundings and wherever you live you are close to forests and water. Here you can pursue everything from swimming, fishing and boating to skiing in the winter.

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Municipalities in Värmlands län

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Housing situation

In some of the county's municipality's there is a lack of vacant accommodation. More often than not it is easier to find accommodation in a smaller location. Many people in Värmland live in one location and work or study in another. There are good bus and rail links between the many towns in the county.

Business and employers

The county has a large and traditional industrial base, with companies in pulp and paper, steel and engineering. There are also businesses in development, IT, packaging, food, trade, tourism and culture. The public sector, which includes the municipalities, the region and other public authorities, is also a major employer.

Associations and organisations – civil society

In Värmland there are several organisations and associations which work with refugee and integration issues. Some of these are: Save the Children, Migration Centre, Internationella Qvinnoföreningen and The Red Cross. All the organisations with contact details are listed on the Immigrant Institute's website.

Schools and education

Värmland has a wide variety of education options. In addition to the 18 national educational programmes at the upper secondary school, there is also access to higher education and research at Karlstad University. There are also two smaller colleges – Bergskolan and Gammelkroppa skogshögskola.

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Medical care

Region Värmland is in charge of health and medical care and dental care. The region employees around 7,000 people. There are around 30 medical care centres in the county, and hospitals in Arvika, Karlstad and Torsby municipalities. Karlstad Central Hospital is the county's biggest. There are around 40 dental care clinics spread across Värmland.

Culture and leisure

In Värmland there is a wide variety of activities for those who are interested in culture, history, music, sport, entertainment or nature. The many lakes offer activities such as fishing, swimming and boating in the summer and in the winter there are good opportunities for skiing in northern Värmland. With its many hiking trails and around 160 nature reserves, Värmland is a perfect location for those who want to hike in beautiful countryside. The county also has an interesting history with ancient monuments dating from the Stone Age. There is also a broad range of associations with many opportunities to take part in sport and leisure activities.