Last updated: 31 7 2020

Storfors municipality is a child-friendly and pleasant municipality in eastern Värmland, 70 km west of Örebro and 70 km east of Karlstad.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

473 km²

Distance to larger towns

  • Karlstad 67 km
  • Örebro 74 km
  • Västerås 169 km
A beach with a U-shaped jetty. Three children are jumping off the jetty together. In the background are houses and meadows.

Storfors has a population of just over 4,100 inhabitants, of which around half life in Storfors, the main population centre, while the rest live in the country in Bjurtjärn and Lungsund. Here you can find Bergslagskanalen, which is a large, interconnected lake system, walking paths suitable for both young and old, and a wide range of associations. Centrally located in Storfors there are shops, bank, medical centre, culture house and a sports hall.


Stiftelsen Björkåsen is a municipal housing foundation that rents out flats.

Rows of residential houses with red façades in a residential area. The houses are seen from above, with a body of water just visible in the background.

Language groups in the locality

In Storfors, many different language groups are represented. This is because the municipality has been receiving refugees for many years, but also because the natural surroundings in the municipality are so beautiful that many have come here for that reason.

Storfors’ Culture Café; a woman is taking the lid off a plate of cakes. Tables and benches can be seen in the background.

The largest language groups are Arabic, Somali, Persian, Spanish, Dutch, Burmese, Thai and Finnish.

Associations and organisations

Storfors has many associations for children, young people and adults. There are associations and organisations with activities within sports, outdoor life, culture, politics and religion.

Three people are pulling a canoe on a canoe trolley to get past the rapids. The path is next to a lock.

What is available in the immediate area

There is the municipality house with employment service and police station, the culture house with library, café, cinema and cultural workshop. In the centre, there is a bank, hairdressers, second-hand shop, shops selling wool, haberdashery, animal feed and household electrical products. There is a medical centre and pharmacy in Hälsans Hus. Storfors also has a flower shop, petrol station, a couple of cafés and restaurants.

Party in the centre in April. There are market stalls and lots of children being given bags of sweets by a person in a bird suit.

The social insurance office and tax office are in Kristinehamn, which is 30 km away.

The municipality's integration unit is in the municipality house.


Storfors has three nursery schools and Bjurtjärn has two nursery schools. There are pre-school classes and after-school clubs at Kroppaskolan and in Bjurtjärn's school.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are three comprehensive schools in Storfors municipality. Vargbroskolan is the largest, with pupils in years 4–9. Pupils attend Kroppaskolan through year 3, and Bjurtjärn school through year 6.

The only upper secondary school programme in the municipality is the introductory programmes, which you attend in order to achieve grades that allow entry to a national upper secondary programme, or to receive schooling to make you employable. The other upper secondary programmes are available in neighbouring municipalities.

Education opportunities

Adult education and Swedish for Immigrants teaching is carried on in the premises of Kulturhuset. We offer courses at basic and upper secondary level, Swedish teaching for immigrants (SfI), special education for adults (Särvux). There may also be opportunities to supplement qualifications to gain special access to university studies.

Health and medical care

Hälsans Hus has a medical centre with nurses and doctors, pharmacy, child healthcare clinic, dental care and physiotherapy.

Interpreter assistance

As we have a mutual need to understand each other, it is important that an interpreter is used when needed. These might be contacts with schools, public authorities and medical care. Most interpreting is done via telephone, and interpreters are engaged as necessary.​

Public transport

From Storfors railway station and bus station there are buses and trains to nearby places. Bus timetables are available on Värmlandstrafik's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Storfors, there are many small and medium-sized companies.