Last updated: 11 12 2020

Sunne in Värmland is a place of natural beauty, with a vibrant cultural life and hospitable people.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1,448 km²

Distance to larger towns

  • Torsby 37 km
  • Karlstad 67 km
  • Oslo 205 km

"Sunne is where the heart is – helping each other together" is a large network of Sunne residents for creating encounters between people regardless of who you are or where you are from. Charitable efforts are contributing towards making Sunne municipality an even more welcoming place, where everyone's equal worth is self-evident.


Being happy with one's home is important for one's well-being. Sunne has flats to rent, terraced houses, tenant owned flats, detached houses and farms. Sunne municipality's website has all the information for anyone looking for accommodation.

The biggest manager and mediator of flats to rent in Sunne is Sunne Bostads AB, the municipal housing company.

Language groups in the locality

Sunne has native language teaching in Persian/Dari. We also offer lessons in Arabic, Finnish, Russian and French.

The following native languages feature in the municipality's schools, from preschool to Sfi: Albanian, Arabic, Danish, Dari, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, Dutch, Chinese, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, German and Xhosa.

Associations and organisations

Sunne municipality has 120 active associations of all kinds. You can find them all in the company register on Sunne municipality's website.

What is available in the immediate area

Centrally located in Sunne are the municipality's reception service, library, social welfare office, labour market unit, a pharmacy, a cinema, a church, a football pitch with Astroturf, a sports centre, an indoor ice rink, indoor football pitch, running track, tennis courts, an exercise facility, a golf course, several gyms, a spa, cafés, restaurants, hairdressers and about 90 shops.

Hamsterboa and Juvelen sell second hand items – cheap furniture, household utensils, clothes etc.

Sunne has around 850 active businesses and a diverse civil society with 120 active associations.

Sunne receives many visitors both in the summer and winter – tourists and conference guests – and can offer 1 000 hotel beds. Sunne has a local employment agency, while the Social Insurance Agency has its service centre in Karlstad, where you can also deal with matters related to the Pensions Agency and the Tax Agency.


Sunne municipality has 13 preschools and several family day nurseries for children between the ages of 1 and 5 (or until the child begins preschool classes or school). Read about out preschools on Sunne municipality's website.

The family centre is a place where parents with children aged 1-6 can meet, and where parents and parents-to-be can meet other families with children. The family centre is a collaboration between obstetric and paediatric care services, open preschool and the social services. Open preschool and a baby café are available.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Sunne municipality has 9 schools offering preschool until year 6, one secondary school, two upper secondary schools and vocational training programmes. In addition to the municipal schools there is one independent school specialising in nature and the environment, and one independent upper secondary school with a vocational focus.

Upper secondary school in Sunne are Sunne Gymnasieskola Broby and Sunne Gymnasieskola Södra Viken.

Education opportunities

Everyone has the same right to education as Swedes do. The right to childcare, comprehensive schooling, upper secondary schooling or special needs schooling applies to all unaccompanied or asylum-seeking minors as well as those with a municipal placement or who are in hiding.

There is a wide selection of adult education programmes, and LärCenter will help you choose the right programme here in Sunne or elsewhere. Sunne also has higher vocational education.

We have continuous admission to Sfi (Swedish for immigrants) throughout the academic year. Once a person has their Swedish personal identity number, they can start Sfi at any time. Students study in accordance with guidelines from the Swedish National Agency for Education and on the basis of their own previous knowledge. We offer 15 hours of Swedish studies/week from mid-August until the end of June. Each student has their own study plan, and the pace of study is adapted the student's capacities.

As a part of their Swedish studies, students learn about Swedish society in order to learn about things like parental allowances, the education system, medical care and further studies. There are also possibilities (within what is known as Studieväg 3) for studying Swedish adapted to future occupational choices, such as Swedish for care and nursing professions.

Health and medical care

Sunne has a medical care centre with an obstetrics centre, a paediatric centre and a family centre.

Sunne has several dentists, including national dental health care services and two private clinics: Hilmer Samuelsson and Tandhälsan i Sunne.

Interpreter assistance

We always use an interpreter in meetings with public authorities, e.g. for placement in preschool/school, reviews of school results/grades or specially adapted schooling. We usually use telephone interpreting as that covers more languages. All students whose native language is not Swedish will receive their individual study plan in their native language.

Public transport

The easiest way to get to Sunne is by train, bus or car (the E45 road passes Sunne). All train and bus timetables are available on Värmlandstrafik's website. If you are travelling farther afield by train, connections and timetables are available on SJ's website. Swebus runs bus lines from Karlstad to Stockholm, Olso and Copenhagen. They also have buses to Germany and Holland.

Work and entrepreneurship

Around 950 people commute into Sunne every day to work. About 1,500 people commute to work in other municipalities, mainly Karlstad, which is the nearest bigger city, around 50 minutes away by train. There are several major employers in Karlstad: Karlstad municipality, Region Värmland, Karlstad University, Metso, Konsum Värmland, Tieto, PostNord, Nobina Sverige, the Swedish Tax Agency, Telia Sonera, Carema elder care. Major employer in Torsby: Torsby Hospital. Major employers in Arvika: Arvika Hospital, Arvika Bostads AB, Arvika Montage AB, Arvika Smide, Arvikafabriken, Moelven Edanesågen, Industrisupport. Nearby municipalities also include Kil and Munkfors.