Last updated: 2/12-2022

In Kil, you are close to most of the things you need. The closeness creates security and commitment. You can notice this in our many associations, for example. Among lots of different attractions, there is a golf course, slalom slope, sports ground, ice rink, tennis hall, riding school, sports halls and football pitches.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

407 km²


In our municipality, you can live in a single-family house, tenant-owner flat or rented flat. We are building new housing areas in Lövenstrand, close to Lake Fryken.

Language groups in the locality

The most common language groups are Arabic, Dari, Persian and Somali, but we have one or two individuals who speak other languages.

Associations and organisations

Our just more than 100 associations have almost 13,000 members. On our website, you can find more information and our association register.

What is available in the immediate area

The main population centre Kil has a library, shops, employment service and second-hand shops. We are close to the shops of Karlstad (20 km), where you can find the furniture shop IKEA among others.


We have 11 municipal nursery schools. two private nursery schools, a couple of family day nurseries and open nursery school at the family centre. In autumn 2015, our next municipal nursery school at Mons Backe will be completed. Many families with children are moving to Kil.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Sannerudsskolan, our lower secondary school, is newly built and has the ambition to become Sweden's best school. In central Kil there are two primary schools and our country schools are located in Fagerås, Högboda and Tolita. We do not have our own upper secondary school. Most people attend upper secondary school in Karlstad.

Education opportunities

Karlstad university is 20 minutes away by public transport. If you want to study at a distance, you can use the learning studio at Kil library at a low cost. Adult education in central Kil offers teaching in Swedish for Immigrants (SfI). New arrivals get social orientation in their home languages via the folk high school in Kristinehamn.

Learn about Kil by watching our films, for example the film of when our refugee children arriving alone learn to do slalom in Frykstabacken. The films are available on our website.

Read more about adult education at:

Health and medical care

We have one medical centre. There you can find the family centre, a meeting place for expectant parents and parents with children under school age. Kil has two dentists. The nearest emergency department is at the central hospital in Karlstad.

Social care, health care and medical care in the municipality

Interpreter assistance

Kil municipality buys in interpreter services from Tolkcentralen in Karlstad. We also use interpreters in meetings with public authorities and as a part of the integration process.

Public transport

Kli's geographic location makes travel easy. By train, bus or car, you can commute to Karlstad in 15 minutes, and in three hours you can reach Stockholm, Göteborg or Oslo. Karlstad airport, which is 8 km away, makes it easy to reach the rest of the world.

Work and entrepreneurship

Kil has many small companies and some larger engineering businesses. Entrepreneurs in Kil can contact the entrepreneur council to discuss needs, ideas or to give opinions. The entrepreneur council, a total of 10 persons, represent various sectors. You can find more information and contact data on our website.