Last updated: 2/12-2022

Malå is a nice little municipality in northern Sweden. With Malå centre, there is close proximity to shops, cottage hospital, dental clinic and school. It is also quite close to the forest, water and countryside.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1727 km²

Many living in the Malå municipality like fishing, berry picking, skiing and riding a scooter. If you want to live in a separate house, houses for purchase are available at a reasonable price in Malå municipality. Welcome to Malå with everything available at close proximity!


The Malå municipality houses over 3,000 people. Most of them live in independent houses but many also live in flats.

The municipality-owned housing company, Malåbostaden, rents out flats. The flats are located in central Malå. It is also possible to buy an accommodation, for example a house.

Language groups in the locality

The Malå municipality houses people from all parts of the world. There are Malå residents who speak Swedish, Tigrinya, German, Somalian, Finnish, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Sami, Norwegian, Latvian, Urdu, Pashto, Tamil, Dari, Thai, Hungarian and Philippine.

Associations and organisations

There are many associations in Malå municipality. Being a member of an association is a good way of meeting other Malå residents. If you are interested in participating in sports, for example skiing, playing in team sports or riding, there are various sports associations. Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (The study Association Adult School) and ABF that provide courses, are located in Malå.


What is available in the immediate area


The Municiaplity building is located on Storgatan 13, next to the river. The municipality building houses a Relocation and Integration Service. There, the newly arrived can get more information and help with respect to questions on school, housing, contact with authorities or healthcare.


In Malå city centre there are two grocery stores, a clothing store for children and adults, a book store, a toy store, a lighting store and a flower shop. In the municipality's second-hand shop, you can buy second-hand clothes, furniture and other things for the house. There are also hairdressers, pharmacies, post offices, banks, pizzeria and a hotel with a restaurant.


Malå library is located in Nila school on Skolgatan 2. There you can borrow books in several languages for free. Check the library's homepage to see the opening hours.


There is Forum on Parkgatan 1 in Malå. There you can watch, among other things, films and theatre. For those interested in sports, there is a swimming pool, sports centre, ice skating rink and slalom slopes, all of which are located in close proximity of Malå centre. In school, there is a youth centre where school students can meet for recreation.


Malå municipality is responsible for child-care. Malå municipality houses preschools for children between the age of one and five. The children can be at the preschool while their parents study or work. The preschool is the first step in the Swedish school. You are required to pay a fee to send the child to preschool.

Children who go to school can be at the after-school centre after the school if the parents study or work. You are required to pay a fee to send the child to the after-school centre.

If you are a stay-at-home parent of a little child, you can go to the Open house, which is organised by the Swedish Church. There, you can meet and mingle with other parents and children.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

In Malå, there is a primary and lower secondary school for students up to grade 9. The name of the school is Nilaskolan and is located on Skolgatan 2 in Malå centre. Children between the age of 6 and 16 go to Nilaskolan.

Young people who have completed basic schooling can pursue upper secondary education in some of the neighbouring municipalities, Lyckelse or Arvidsjaur. The upper secondary school is for young people between the age of 15 and 18.

Young people between the age of 15 and 18 who have recently arrived in Sweden can take up the course: language introduction. There, you can learn Swedish to later take up a course in the upper secondary school or pursue another education.

Education opportunities

Civic Orientation for the newly arrived (SO)

Those who are newly arrived or are a family member of someone who already has a residence permit and are between the age of 18 and 64, have the right to get at least 60 hours' Civic orientation during the first year of their residence here. Civic orientation is a course in which you get to learn more about Sweden. The course is conducted in the immigrant's mother tongue and is organised by the municipality.

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)

Malå municipality is responsible for you to learn Swedish. The education is called Swedish for Immigrants, SFI.

Study on distance

If you want to take a course at distance in a university college or a university, you can get support from the Learning centre in Malå.

Malå municipality also offers other types of adult educational courses.

Health and medical care

In Malå, there is a healthcare centre which is called Malå cottage hospital. There is a general physician, counsellor, physiotherapist, maternity clinic (MVC) and children's clinic (BVC). At the children's clinic, health check-ups are performed and vaccination is provided. They also answer questions concerning your child's health and development.

There is also an ambulance and an emergency clinic in Malå. There is an emergency hospital in Lycksele.

There are dentists at the public dental clinic in Malå, which is located in the building near Malå cottage hospital.

Interpreter assistance

Those who do not speak Swedish can receive help from an interpreter upon contact with the Malå municipality. The interpreter can attend the meeting or can help on telephone. If you need an interpreter, notify the Malå municipality in advance.

Public transport

You can travel to Malå by car, bus, train or flight.

You can also use the travel planner on:

Work and entrepreneurship

The Malå municipality is the biggest employer with about 500 employees. Many teachers, pre-school teachers, nurses, caretakers and office staff work here.

Many men and women in Malå also have their own business. If you are an owner of a business or want to start your own business, you can contact the Malå municipality to receive help and support.