Last updated: 2/12-2022

Welcome to Robertsfors municipality! In Robertsfors we are proud of our municipality, how could we not be? Our central location between the large municipalities of Skellefteå and Umeå is idyllic.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

2371 km²

The attractions of the city are not many miles away, while the residents of our municipality, of which there are just over 6,800, can take advantage of fantastic natural surroundings and take an active part in sport, culture, music and much more. For many years we have been one of Sweden's safest municipalities in which to live.


In Robertsfors there is a good mix of accommodation options – you'll find here flats with right of tenancy, cooperative flats, houses and sites for new buildings.

RobertsforsBostäder, ROBO, is the municipal accommodation company in Robertsfors. It manages 246 flats in Bygdeå, Robertsfors and Ånäset.

In Robertsfors there are also private landlords who rent out flats.

Language groups in the locality

English, French, German, Czech, Sinhalese, Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Russian, Somalian and Tigrinya.

Associations and organisations

A total of 140 registered associations in a municipality with just over 6,800 residents. The association life in Robertsfors is altogether different, which is reflected in the range of activities offered by the residents of our municipality. There is everything here from sports to culture to local folklore societies and community advice.

In Robertsfors there are congregations affiliated amongst others to the Church of Sweden.

What is available in the immediate area

In the centre of Robertsfors you'll find, amongst other things, food shops, clothes shops, furnishing stores, electronics shops, sport shops, chemists, banks, libraries, restaurants and cafés. Public services including a job centre, social welfare offices and immigrant coordinators are also located centrally.

In Umeå you'll find most of what is offered by big cities, and also a tax office, regional social insurance office and offices of the Swedish Migration Board. On the U​meå region's joint visitor website you can find everything from events calendars for cultural information, maps and activities you can do.


Robertsfors municipality works with children to strengthen childcare. There are currently 15 units for children between the ages of 1 and 5 years in the municipality, in the form of family day nurseries and a parents' cooperative. For children between the ages of 6 and 12 years there are after-school recreation centres.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

The municipality has five comprehensive schools​. All activities in our schools are based on continuous learning for all, with a high degree of responsibility and initiative taking. Positive thinking which emphasises opportunities over obstacles result in self-confidence and a desire to test your own ideas and solve problems. Participation and openness together with curiosity and creativity are our catchwords.

Education opportunities

Adult education including sfi is provided at Lärcentrum. After sfi you can study Swedish as a second language. All students who study sfi have access to study and vocational guidance. Outside Bygdeå can be found Dalkarlså folk high school which offers courses in music amongst other things. If you want go onto study further, Umeå University with its 36,000 students from all over the world is just 6 miles away.

Health and medical care

The region's health centre is in Robertsfors and provides access to doctors, a child health care centre and a maternity care centre. For emergency, accident and specialist care there is the Norrland University Hospital, NUS. If you want to check your teeth there is the Public Dental Service (Folktandvården), but there are also private dentists.

Interpreter assistance

You have opportunity to use an interpreting service whenever you contact the authorities.

Public transport

From Robertsfors it is easy to commute to work in all directions. We are a 1-hour bus journey from Skellefteå and 45 minutes from Umeå. We have a well developed public transport system where buses leave every hour for the major towns. In the two cities there is also the opportunity to fly to cities in both Europe and Sweden.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Robertsfors municipality there are good conditions for starting up and running a business. Currently, there are already approximately 900 companies, but we would be delighted to see even more. If you want to get involved and build a business for the future in Robertsfors municipality, you can always contact us. We can give you advice on contacts and networking for support, training and exchanging ideas.

The economy in Robertsfors municipality is dominated by the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry currently accounts for approximately 20% of the employees in the municipality. Agriculture is also a very big part of Robertsfors municipality, employing approximately 8% of workers. The largest employer is Robertsfors municipality itself with a total of 750 employees.