Last updated: 14 12 2020

In Härnösand we live life close to the essentials. Whether you prefer the quiet countryside or a vibrant urban scene, there are plenty of options for you in Härnösand. We can offer a world-class outdoor experience, leisure activities for all tastes and a wealth of culture.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

1,939 km²

Distance to larger towns

  • Sundsvall 50 km
  • Umeå 210 km
  • Stockholm 430 km
View over the town of Härnösand, which is situated by the water.

The town centre is authentic and alive, and Härnösand is among Norrland's biggest labour markets. We have a dynamic business community with companies in most industries. Distances in Härnösand are short, be it to work, school or services.


A municipal housing company, Härnösandshus, can offer you central accommodation as well as housing closer to the woods or the sea. In Härnösand you can also opt to rent accommodation from private housing companies. More information about these is available on Härnösand municipality's website. For newly arrived refugees, the reception secretary at Arbetslivsförvaltningen can provide help in finding a flat.

Language groups in the locality

In the municipality there are many different language groups represented. Contact the municipality's refugee reception areas for more information.

Associations and organisations

Härnösand has a diverse civil society with about 430 associations. These include several different churches, religious communions and associations in Härnösand, e.g. the Pentecostal congregation, the Baptist church, the Filadelfia congregation (Pentecostal), the Mission Covenant church and the Islamic Culture Centre. There are other associations as well, such as the Somali association, 5i12 Centrum, Ungdom mot rasism (Youth against racism) and the Red Cross. All the associations are listed in Härnösand municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

In Härnösand everything is nearby. We have a new shopping area called Ankaret, with hypermarkets such as ICA MAXI and Coop. There are also other shops, such as a pharmacy, a sporting goods shop, a clothes shop and a hardware store. Closer to the centre are Lidl and Hemköp, and just beyond it Willys and Tempo.

The entrance to the Härnösand Library (Sambiblioteket).

Härnösand also has one of the country's most beautiful libraries, Sambiblioteket, with a large selection of literature and other material. The Employment Service, the Social Insurance Agency and the Tax Agency are all in the centre, sharing the same premises. Härnösand municipality's social welfare service is in the centre, where you can receive help in the form of financial assistance if you need it.

If you need to find cheap furniture or household goods, visit the charity shop Erikshjälpen Secondhand which is staffed by employees from Härnösand municipality and Arbetslivsförvaltningen. Only 40 minutes away by car or bus is Birsta shopping centre, which has a very large selection of hypermarkets, shops and restaurants. The heart of this is Birsta City, a galleria with more than 90 shops. In the surrounding area there are lots of furniture and electronics shops, as well as supermarkets.


Härnösand has 17 municipal preschools and 10 independent ones. We also have an open preschool and a family day nursery. Should you need childcare at night, e.g. if you are working night shifts, the Orren preschool is open throughout the night. If your children have allergies, the Svalan preschool is prepared for allergy sufferers.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are 10 municipal comprehensive schools in Härnösand. Additionally we have Kristinaskolan, a state school for deaf and hearing-impaired children. There are also two independent comprehensive schools. Härnösands gymnasium (upper secondary school) has 10 national programmes. There is also an Apprenticeship option with 10 different programmes. About 900 pupils attend Härnösands gymnasium, with 120 employees at the school. Read more about education options on the municipality's website.

Education opportunities

Municipal adult education offers the possibility of studying Swedish for immigrants (Sfi) and attending the civic information course for new arrivals. You can also study Sfi at Härnösand Folk High School. Municipal adult education offers the possibility of studying at the secondary and upper secondary level. We also offer vocational training at the upper secondary level. Härnösand further has adult education for people with special needs (lärvux).

Do you want to get an education that gives you a good chance of a job? Then you should take a look at our higher vocational education programmes. Heta Utbildningar Yrkeshögskolan i Härnösand offers programmes that combine theory and practice. About 45 minutes from Härnösand by car or bus is Mid Sweden University, with a large selection of higher education programmes.

Health and medical care

One of Region Västernorrland's health centres, Södra Sundet, is located in Härnösand. It has a child health care centre, a diabetes nurse, a dietician and physiotherapy. There are two private medical care centres in Härnösand:

  • Öbacka medical care centre – with district nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and a paediatric and obstetrics centre.
  • Johannesberg's medical care centre – a centrally located care centre with a district doctor, district nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and both an obstetrics and a paediatric centre.

National dental health care services are available just outside the centre. There are also several private dental clinics in Härnösand. About 45 minutes from Härnösand by car or bus is Sundsvalls sjukhus, a county hospital with an emergency ward and a wide range of services.

Interpreter assistance

Härnösand municipality has an interpretation agency charged with guaranteeing that the municipality's inhabitants have access to interpreters. The agency's services include contact interpreters on location, interpretation by telephone, message conveyance and translation of documents and brochures. Interpreters are booked by the public authority you are visiting.

Public transport

Härnösand has a good network of public transport. You can take the bus from your home and be in the centre within minutes. There is also a free bus service called Centrumlinjen, which takes you around shopping centres, the library, the indoor swimming pool and the centre. Read more about timetables on Din Tur.

From Härnösand Central Station you can travel by train or bus to a variety of destinations. And only about 35 minutes from Härnösand by car or bus is Sundsvall Timrå Airport. It handles domestic as well as international flights.

Work and entrepreneurship

Sundsvall, 50 km south of Härnösand, is home to large forestry industries and paper mills as well as to other big industries and companies.

View of Härnösand lit up at night.