Last updated: 2/12-2022

Sollefteå municipality lies in scenic Ångermanland, where the river valleys are edged by dramatically steep sandy banks. Ångermanälven, Faxälven and Fjällsjöälven all run through the municipality. 20 000 people live here, of which 9000 in Sollefteå central community.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

5761 km²


There are many landlords and property owners in Sollefteå. More information is available on the municipality's website.

List of landlords

Language groups in the locality

Sollefteå municipality is home to many different cultures and language groups. It is one of the biggest recipients of refugees, as a proportion of its population, among Sweden's municipalities. Language groups represented include Arabic, Thai, Tigrinya, Somali, Persian etc.

Associations and organisations

Civil society is active in Sollefteå, and there is a wide range of associations.

What is available in the immediate area

In Sollefteå you're never far from shops and public services. Both are available in the communities of Ramsele, Junsele, Näsåker, Långsele and Sollefteå. In central Sollefteå there are also plenty of second-hand shops and flea markets where you can buy clothes and furniture at attractive prices.


There are 12 preschools in Sollefteå: Prästbordet, Rödsta, Junsele, Ramsele, Långsele, Skedom, Kalknäs, Lillänget, Näsåker, Resele, Helgum and Öhn.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are 13 comprehensive schools in Sollefteå: Prästbordet, Rödsta, Valla, Junsele, Ramsele, Långsele, Nipanskolan, Kalknäs, Lillänget, Näsåker, Resele, Helgum and Öhn. Sollefteå's upper secondary school is Gudlav Bilderskolan.

Education opportunities

Reveljen is Sollefteå municipality's learning centre. It offers everything from higher education courses to higher vocational education and municipal adult education.

Health and medical care

Sollefteå Hospital is a fully equipped accident and emergency hospital. It has modern technical equipment as well as skilled and engaged staff. Region Västernorrland's website has more information about medical care centres and other care facilities near you.

Interpreter assistance

Making yourself understood and being understood is important for everyone. Support in this respect is therefore an important part of the service offered to new arrivals and citizens by the municipality. If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to receive interpretation help in your language. This is a free service. Notify the person (at the public authority) you are going to meet that you need an interpreter, and one will be arranged for your meeting.

Public transport

Höga Kusten airport is 20 minutes from central Sollefteå. There are bus connection to most of the municipality's communities, and public transport is run by Din Tur. If you are arriving by train, you get off at Kramfors and change to a bus to that will take you to Sollefteå municipality.

Work and entrepreneurship

Sollefteå has many big employers:

  • Sollefteå Municipality
  • Region Västernorrland
  • E.ON
  • Svenskt Linjebesiktning AB
  • Haglöf Sweden AB
  • TT ThermoTech Scandinavia AB
  • Gjersvold Trädgård & Mark AB
  • Själanders Åkeri AB
  • Hedströms Virkestransporter AB
  • Statkraft AB