Last updated: 2/12-2022

Sundsvall lies in the centre of Sweden, beautifully located between the two "city mountains" (Norra and Södra Stadsbergen) and the Indalsälven and Ljungan rivers. Central Sundsvall has a 19th-century inner city (Stenstan), listed as a cultural heritage site, with beautiful buildings and numerous restaurants and shops, as well as schools and educational institutions. For higher education there is Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University), which is currently growing and adding more programmes in Sundsvall.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

4446 km²

Sundsvall has a wide and varied offering of culture and events. There are several annual festivals on different themes, and a variety of associations for those interested in e g sports or culture. Just north of Sundsvall is Birsta, which is one of Sweden's biggest commercial areas.


There are many types of housing available, e g detached houses, terraced houses or flats. Flats and terraced houses can be either tenant-owned, which means you own it, or rented. Sundsvall municipality has its own housing company, Mitthem, which has flats in central Sundsvall as well as in the suburbs. There are also private property owners who rent out flats. Sundsvall municipality's website has list with contact information for housing companies and property agents in Sundsvall.

Language groups in the locality

Many different languages other than Swedish are spoken in Sundsvall municipality. Some of the bigger language groups are Finnish, Thai, Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali, Dari/Farsi, Russian, French, Swahili, English, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish.

Associations and organisations

Sundsvall municipality is home to a wide range of associations, many of them focused on sports or culture. There is an online register of associations in Sundsvall where you can see what associations there are. Sundsvall municipality also collaborates closely with various voluntary organisations.

There are libraries in central Sundsvall and in several suburbs: Alnö, Ljustadalen, Bosvedjan, Granloholm, Skönsberg, Nacksta, Skönsmon, Indal, Kvissleby, Matfors and Stöde. There is also a mobile library - a bus that travels to various locations around the municipality. Libraries also offer some internet access.

The municipality's integration unit is located in the city centre. It offers advice and help to new arrivals.

North of Sundsvall is Birsta, one of Sweden's biggest commercial centres. Most of Sundsvall's suburbs have shops and social services. There are large and small charity shops in central Sundsvall and in some of the suburbs.

What is available in the immediate area

Central Sundsvall has shops and restaurants of different kinds. The centre is also home to several public authorities, including the Tax Agency, Arbetsförmedlingen and Försäkringskassan. Several government agencies are headquartered in Sundsvall, e g CSN which manages student aid for higher education studies.


In Sundsvall all children aged from 1 to 5 are offered places in preschools, family day nurseries or open preschool. Open preschool is for parents who are at home with their children, and don't require any application for a place. There are preschools throughout the municipality, about 100 in all, some of which have a specific focus.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Preschool class

When your child turns 6, the municipal school will offer him/her a place in preschool class. Attending preschool class is voluntary, and a right for all six-year-olds. Your child can spend time at a recreation centre before and after preschool class.

Compulsory school

Between the ages of 7 and 16, children attend nine-year compulsory school. Sundsvall has around 35 municipal compulsory schools, some of them with specialisations. Some schools are smaller and some larger, and sometimes all nine years attend the same school. There are also a number of independent schools run by other principals than the municipality.

Upper secondary school

From the age of 16, pupils attend three years of upper secondary school. Sundsvall offers many good programmes. Some programmes prepare pupils for a profession. All upper secondary programmes provide, in different ways, the possibility of further studies at a university college or university. There are upper secondary schools run by Sundsvall municipality as well as ones run by other principals.

In addition to ordinary education programmes, children can also attend voluntary activities at the municipal culture school. This allows children to participate in artistic and creative activities in their free time.

Education opportunities


If you are registered as a resident in Sundsvall and Swedish is not your native language, you are entitled to have basic Swedish lessons through the Swedish for immigrants (Sfi) programme. Sfi will provide you with basic knowledge of the Swedish language, and your study pace will be adapted to your level.

Adult education, Komvux

There are a variety of adult education programmes available in Sundsvall.


Sundsvall is home to Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University), which offers a broad selection of courses and programmes.

Health and medical care

Region Västernorrland has a hospital in Sundsvall for emergency and advanced medical care.

There are medical care and health centres in central Sundsvall as well as in the surrounding areas: the centre, Skönsberg, Granlo, Liden, Matfors, Nacksta, Ljustadalen, Stöde, St Olof, Skönsmon, Alnö, Njurunda and Sidsjön. Health and medical care centres are run by Region Västernorrland or private care providers.

Dentists and dental care are available in several places in central Sundsvall as well as in the surrounding areas. Dental care can be provided either by the region's Public Dental Service (Folktandvården) or by private providers.

Interpreter assistance

If you need interpreting help in your contacts with the municipality, care services or any other public authority, it is the authority' s task to arrange an interpreter for you. In Sundsvall interpreters are booked through the municipal Interpreting service, which only hires qualified, tested and approved interpreters. All you need to do is remember to say before your meeting that you need interpreting help. All interpreters are bound by professional secrecy.

Public transport

Sundsvall has a good bus network within the municipality connections as well as connections to the neighbouring municipalities. Buses depart from Navet, central Sundsvall's bus terminal.

The transformation of Sundsvall into a really good cycling city has been going on for several years now, and the number of modern cycle paths in the municipality is steadily growing.

For longer journeys there are bus lines as well as good access to rail and air travel.

Sundsvall Timrå Airport is located in Timrå municipality, about 15 km to the north. Domestic flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg depart from there, as well as charter flights at certain times of the year.

By train you can travel north, south or west from Sundsvall's central station.

The E4 and E14 motorways extend north, south and west for cars and buses. There are also several other road options for travelling by car or bus to nearby locations.

Work and entrepreneurship

The biggest employers in Sundsvall municipality are the municipality itself, the SCA forestry corporation, and Region Västernorrland with Sundsvall Hospital. Local businesses are a mix of smaller companies in e g trade and hospitality, and bigger companies with several hundred employees. These include Valmet, Akzo, Kubal, Telia, Skandia and IF. A number of government agencies are headquartered in Sundsvall: CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance), SPV (the National Government Employee Pensions Board) and Bolagsverket (the Swedish Companies Registration Office). Försäkringskassan is also a major employer with parts of its operations, including IT, based in Sundsvall. Major employment sectors include the forestry industry, IT, trade, banking and insurance.