Last updated: 2/12-2022

Arboga is located in the western part of the Lake Mälaren valley, and is close to both nature and major cities. Arboga was awarded town rights already in the 13th century, and in the town centre much of the old buildings have been preserved. There are several cosy cafés, restaurants and shops.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

419 km²


If you want to move to Arboga, there are several landlords you can contact. The largest landlords are Byggnadsfirmal Lund AB, Bovista and the municipal housing company ABO. A list of landlords is available on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

The major language groups in Arboga apart from Swedish are Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

Associations and organisations

Arboga has a Church of Sweden and a number of free churches. The nearest mosque is in Örebro. There are many active and committed associations in the municipality. Contact information for the associations can be found in the association register.

What is available in the immediate area

Arboga has a fine town centre with several shops, food shops, cafés and restaurants. If you want to buy cheap furniture and household goods, there are many second-hand shops to choose from.

The library is centrally located and has books and newspapers in various languages. When you visit the library, you can also use the library's computers.

If you want to exercise, there are many sports clubs to choose from and close to the centre you will find an indoor swimming pool, ski slope, sports halls and an ice rink.

The employment service have offices in Arboga. The tax authority and social insurance have offices in Köping, which is 15 km from Arboga.


Arboga has several municipal nursery schools and a nursery school run by a parent cooperative. If you need childcare, you have to apply four months in advance. You can apply for childcare direct via the Internet. Information about how to do this, and the telephone number to the child and education office can be found on the municipality's website.

The Church of Sweden has several activities for children and their parents. For example "Öppet kyrkis" and "Babycafé". Örtagårdskyrkan also has activities for children.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Arboga has seven comprehensive schools and one upper secondary school. Five of the comprehensive schools are located in the town centre. One comprehensive school is located in Götlunda, which is a population centre around 12 km outside Arboga and one is located in Medåker, around nine km from Arboga. Read more about comprehensive schools in Arboga on the municipality's website. The upper secondary school is called Vasagymnasiet.

Education opportunities

Arboga offers municipal adult education. Adult education consists of Komvux upper secondary education and Swedish for Immigrants. At further education centre there are opportunities for further education on location in Arboga and as distance learning. The municipality's integration unit offers social orientation for new arrivals.

Health and medical care

Arboga has two medical centres and also a child healthcare clinic and ante-natal clinic. There are both public and private dental clinics. The nearest hospital is in Köping. There are also hospitals in Västerås, Örebro and Eskilstuna.

Interpreter assistance

Arboga municipality's administrator engage Västmanland interpreter services as necessary.

Public transport

It is easy to travel to and from Arboga. Arboga's train and bus station is located in the centre of the town. As both the Mälarbanan trunk line and Svealandsbanan trunk line go via Arboga, there are many trains daily, for example to Köping, Västerås, Stockholm, Eskilstuna and Örebro.

Work and entrepreneurship

There is a large labour market within commuting distance. Arboga is 40 km from Örebro, 44 km from Eskilstuna and 52 km from Västerås.