Last updated: 2/12-2022

Kungsör is one of Sweden’s smaller municipalities, with just over 8,000 inhabitants. The centre of Kungsör is at quite an altitude, and the built-up area stretched down towards Lake Mälaren and the Arbogaån river. The small scale of Kungsör means that most things are within convenient walking and bicycling distance, such as schools, leisure activities, and the forest and countryside.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

227 km²


If you want to move to Kungsör, there are several landlords you can contact. The largest landlord is the municipal housing company KFAB, but there are also many private landlords who rent out housing. A list of landlords is available on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

The major language groups in Kungsör apart from Swedish are currently Arabic and Tigrinya.

Associations and organisations

Kungsör has a Church of Sweden and a number of free churches. The nearest mosque is in Västerås. There are many active and committed associations in the municipality, focusing on sports, theatre, art and culture, among other subjects. Contact information for the associations can be found in the association register on the municipality's website.

What is available in the immediate area

Kungsör has a small centre with only a few shops, two food shops and a couple of cafés and restaurants. There are two banks and a pharmacy. If you want to buy cheap furniture and household goods, there is a second-hand shop, and also a shop selling fine, second-hand children's clothes. The nearest big shopping centre is Eskilstuna, around 25 km from Kungsör. There is an IKEA in Västerås and Örebro, both at a distance of around 50–60 km.

The library is centrally located and has books and newspapers in various languages. When you visit the library, you can also use the library's computers. If you want to take part in a sport, there are lots of sports facilities to choose from. Close to the centre there is an indoor swimming pool, sports hall and ice rink. There are also a number of gyms and a riding school, as well as a heated indoor hall for dog training.

The employment service has offices in Köping, as does the tax authority and social insurance. Köping is located 13 km from Kungsör, and has a larger range of food shops and clothes shops, among other things. There are good bus connections between Kungsör and Köping. Contact information for the integration unit can be found on the municipality's website.


Kungsör has several preschools, and as a parent you can choose between municipal or private operations for your child. If you need childcare, you have to apply four months in advance. You apply for a place in a preschool on a form that you give to the child and education office. Information about the preschools and their contact details can be found on the municipality's website.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are three compulsory schools in Kungsör municipality for children in years 1–5 with associated pre-school classes, and one school for years 6–9. The municipality has no independent schools, instead all are operated by the municipality.

Kungsör has no upper secondary school, so the municipality has signed a collaboration agreement with schools in Arboga, Eskilstuna and Köping municipalities. With the collaboration agreements, pupiles have the same rights and opportunities to start an education programme as the pupils who live in the collaborating municipality. Information about upper secondary schools can be found on the municipality's website.

Education opportunities

Kungsör has municipal adult education and Swedish for Immigrants at Kunskapsporten. Here you can also find our study and vocational guides, who can help you find the right way to further studies.

The nearest colleges and universities are in Eskilstuna, Västerås and Örebro, which are at convenient commuting distance from Kungsör. Social orientation for new arrivals is offered by the integration unit.

Health and medical care

Kungsör has one medical centre and also a child healthcare clinic and ante-natal clinic. In the same building there is also a public dental clinic. The nearest hospital is in Köping. There are also hospitals in Västerås, Örebro and Eskilstuna.

Interpreter assistance

Kungsör municipality's administrator engage Västmanland interpreter services as necessary.

Public transport

It is easy to travel to and from Kungsör, which is centrally located in the Lake Mälaren valley, at convenient commuting distance to larger towns. Information about communications and local public transport can be found on the municipality's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

In the municipality, or within commuting distance, there are many employers both large and small. The jobs available in the area can be found in the introduction to the presentation under the Vacant jobs tab. On the municipality's website there is information for anyone interested in starting their own company.