Last updated: 2/12-2022

Surahammar is centrally situated in the Mälar valley, 10 minutes north of Västerås. Good housing at low prices and easy access to a variety of leisure activities make the municipality an attractive place to move to. The municipality has high quality schools and preschools.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

369 km²


If you want to move to Surahammar municipality there are several landlords you can contact. There are several private landlords as well as Surahammarshus AB, the municipal housing company. A list of landlords is available on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

The big language groups in Surahammar aside from Swedish are Finnish, Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali, Dari, Persian and Russian.

Associations and organisations

The Church of Sweden and the Pentecostal Church are represented in Surahammar. The nearest mosque is in Västerås. In Västerås there are also Catholic and Orthodox churches.

There are many active associations in the municipality. Contact information for all of them is available in the municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

Surahammar municipality has several shops, supermarkets, cafés and restaurants. If you need to buy inexpensive furniture and household utensils there is a second-hand shop and a flea market.

The library is centrally located and has books and magazines in various languages. Visitors to the library can also use the library's computers. Folkets Hus (a labour movement community centre) is in the same building and has cinema. They also arrange concerts and theatre performances.

If you like to do sports you have many sports clubs to choose from and many venues. Near the centre are e.g. an indoor swimming pool, football pitches, a riding school, indoor athletics facilities and an indoor ice rink.

The Employment Service has a local agency in Surahammar. The tax Agency and the Social Insurance Agency have offices in Västerås, about 20 km from Surahammar.

Contact information for the Integration unit is available on the municipality's website.


Surahammar has several municipal and one private preschool. If you need childcare you have to apply for it four months in advance. Information about preschools, contact information and application forms are available on the municipality's website.

There is also an open preschool.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There is a comprehensive school in each of the municipality's population centres – Surahammar, Ramnäs and Virsbo. Comprehensive schooling, preschool classes and recreation centres collaborate in all schools attended by younger children.

Surahammar municipality has an agreement with Västerås that gives upper secondary school pupils from Surahammar access to Västerås' offering of national an introductory programmes on the same conditions as pupils living in Västerås. Read more here about upper secondary school.

Education opportunities

Surahammar municipality offers a 60-hour civic information course for new arrivals. For more information, contact the Integration unit.

The Integration unit can also provide contacts for Sfi and adult education. Surahammar municipality has an agreement with Västerås about municipal adult education. This means that all Surahammar residents have access to the municipal adult education offered in Västerås.

Health and medical care

Surahammar has a medical care centre with a paediatric and obstetrics centre. There are also national dental health care services and private dental care. The nearest hospital is in Västerås.

Västerås also has an Integration and asylum health centre.

Interpreter assistance

Surahammar's municipal officials use Västmanlands Tolkservice when interpretation services are needed.

Public transport

It is easy to travel to and from Surahammar municipality. Surahammar's railway and bus station is centrally located.

The Bergslagspendeln commuter train can take you to Västerås and on to Stockholm. At weekends the train is direct to Stockholm.

You can also take a VL bus to Västerås and then use the free Brukslinjen bus services within the municipality and to Halstahammar.

Timetables are available via the municipality's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

A large labour market is within commuting distance, covering Västerås, Hallstahammar, Fagersta and Köping.