Last updated: 2/12-2022

Alingsås has around 41,000 inhabitants. With an attractive location and a growing number of inhabitants, the town is constantly changing. Yet it still retains its traditional atmosphere. Throughout the years, the town has retained its character with cobbled streets and old wooden buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

482 km²

Alingsås är känd som "Kaféstaden" på grund av dess stora antal kaféer och bagerier. Under de senare åren har Alingsås allt mer också uppmärksammats som "Ljusstaden". Cirka 70 000 personer besöker varje oktober Lights in Alingsås, norra Europas största arrangemang för experimentell ljussättning av offentliga platser.


Alingsås has a great range of housing and housing companies. The largest company is Alingsåshem, and there are also private housing companies. Individuals can choose to live in a larger house close to nature, or a smaller flat in the centre of town – or the other way round. There are options to suit everyone! In Alingsås, you are close to everything that is important to make everyday life function – work, schools, nursery schools, natural surroundings and good communications. However, you currently have to spend about three years in Alingsåshem's housing queue before you can be offered a flat.

The first that will happen to your as a new arrival in Alingsås is that your refugee secretary will receive you and show you to your new flat. Sometimes we are able to assign "permanent housing", which is unfurnished. Or you may be assigned "temporary housing", which you will have to move away from eventually. The temporary housing is always furnished.

If you arrive in Alingsås on your own initiative, we do not have any opportunity as a municipality to offer you any housing. Everything else applies, however, such as schools, childcare and so on.

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Language groups in the locality

People here speak Spanish, Swahili, Lingala, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Dari, Oromo, Tigrinya, French, English, German, Albanian and Serbian.

Associations and organisations

There are around 350 associations in Alingsås, active within all sorts of activities, such as sports, music, pensioner affairs, open-air life, culture, aid and support, opinion and so on. An association is a group that has rules and a board. The activities are based on voluntary commitment.

A large range of associations is important from a public health perspective, both for the municipality and for individual persons. It is good for both body and soul. The activities offered by associations are intended for all age groups, sexes and nationality, etc. There is everything from swimming for babies to cookery courses to choose from.

What is available in the immediate area

In Alingsås and the outlying parts of the municipality, you are close to libraries, shops, sports clubs, public authorities and so on.


There are around 30 nursery schools in Alingsås run by the municipality. This municipal childcare is offered to children aged between 1 and 5 years. There are also 10 independent nursery schools for the same age group in the municipality.

There is also what we call "general nursery school" and "open nursery school". The general nursery school is operated by the municipality and offers 15 hours of care for children aged 3–5 years. The open nursery school is a child-friendly meeting point for parents with children aged 0–6 years.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Alströmergymnasiet is a large upper secondary school with approximately 12 programmes, functional premises, qualified teachers and access to a canteen, a sports centre, an assembly hall and other meeting facilities. Do you like the idea of a school with lots of music and dance, meaning performances during the year and glittering end-of-year shows? Then Alströmergymnasiet is the right choice for you. The school also offers everything from programmes that prepare you for further studies, a local sports upper secondary school, to occupational programmes.

The school is strategically located, meaning that pupils can walk, cycle, take the bus or the local train to school, without the need for long journeys in the winter darkness.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Education opportunities

Social Orientation, SO

SO is a free course that you will eventually be enrolled on. It provides information about Swedish society, medical care, laws, public authorities, norms, education and more. The course is held in Göteborg in collaboration with Göteborgs Regionen (GR). You will receive civic orientation in your native language.

Health and medical care

Alingsås has a medical care centre and dental care clinics. There is also has Alingsås Lasarett (hospital), which is quite centrally located. Serious medical conditions are usually referred to Borås Lasarett.

Interpreter assistance

Anyone who does not speak Swedish fully is entitled to the help of an interpreter in all contacts with public authorities. In Alingsås it is the Integration Department that arranges interpreters, primarily for the different administrations within Alingsås municipality. You can choose between a contact interpreter or a telephone interpreter.

Public transport

Alingsås has fine bicycle paths. There are also bus and train connections to Göteborg and to other nearby areas.

Work and entrepreneurship

Alingsås municipality is itself the biggest employer in the municipality. In our activities, particularly schools and care of the elderly, we often need substitute staff for shorter or longer periods. There are also a number of manufacturing industries and many smaller firms of contractors. The municipality's website has more information about the municipality and businesses.