Last updated: 2/12-2022

Härryda municipality is close to Göteborg and Borås. We have a fine natural landscape, with many lakes and plenty of forest. At the centre of the municipality is Göteborg Landvetter airport.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

290 km²


Härryda municpality has six major population centres: Mölnlycke, Landvetter, Hindås, Härryda, Hällingsjö and Rävlanda. About half of the population lives in Mölnlycke. If you are looking for a flat to rent or some other form of housing in Härryda municipality, contact property owners and landlords to find out how you join their housing queue.

Language groups in the locality

Around 4 per cent of the inhabitants in Härryda municipality have foreign citizenship, and 14 per cent have parents who were born outside Sweden. Schools provide first language teaching in: English, Arabic, Persian, South Kurdish (Sorani) and Albanian, among other languages.

Associations and organisations

There are many associations in Härryda municipality, for sports and culture, among other subjects. The associations are intended for both children and adults. You can find all the associations in the association register.

What is available in the immediate area

Härryda municipality have six major population centres, of which Mölnlycke and Landvetter are the largest. In Mölnlycke there are, for example: employment service, library, municipality offices, shops and second-hand shops. In Landvetter there are also some shops, while the services in the population centres Härryda, Hindås, Hällingsjö and Rävlanda are more limited. There are libraries in Mölnlycke, Landvetter, Hindås and Rävlanda.


Härryda municipality has many families with children, and there are many nursery schools and family day nurseries. In Mölnlycke, Landvetter, Hindås and Rävlanda, we have open nursery schools/family centres. Here you can get to know other parents while your children play. It is a pleasant time for both adults and children, and taking part is free of charge.

Read more about child care and preschools in the municipality.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Härryda municipality has 18 comprehensive schools, located in: Mölnlycke, Landvetter, Hindås, Härryda, Hällingsjö and Rävlanda. Mölnlycke has the upper secondary school Hulebäcksgymnasiet. It is a popular school offering many programmes, and takes children from the entire Göteborg region.

Education opportunities

Adult education is located in fine premises in central Mölnlycke. Here you can study for free, you only pay for your learning materials. Adult education offers, among other things: Swedish for Immigrants (SfI), adult education at comprehensive and upper secondary level, as well as vocational courses and apprenticeships.

Health and medical care

There are medical centres in Mölnlycke, Landvetter and Hindås. There are child healthcare centres in Mölnlycke, Landvetter and Hindås. If you need medical care at night or on weekends, you are welcome to visit Mölndal hospital. There are dental clinics in Mölnlycke, Landvetter and Hindås.

Interpreter assistance

The municipality's social services offers interpreter services.

Public transport

Buses between Göteborg and Mölnlycke take around 10 minutes, and between Göteborg and Landvetter around 20 minutes. Buses between Landvetter and Borås take around 50 minutes. You can also travel by train between Mölnlycke and Hindås, for example. All information about public transport can be found on Västtrafik.

Sweden's second largest airport is located in the centre of the municipality: Göteborg Landvetter Airport.

Work and entrepreneurship

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is the municipality's largest workplace. Around 4 000 persons work here, for around 100 different companies. Härryda municipality is the municipality's largest employer, and we have many jobs within nursery schools, schools and health and medical care.