Last updated: 2/12-2022

It’s easy to enjoy life in Lidköping! The municipality has around 38 900 inhabitants and a scenic location by Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

699 km²

The proximity to the lake, to Kållandsö with Läckö Castle and to Kinnekulle mountain ensures nature and recreation experiences beyond the ordinary. In Lidköping we live our lives much as we always have, close to the water, the soil and to each other – which is no small matter in an era of rapid social change, globalisation and environmental threats. Ours is simply a municipality where you will always feel welcome, whether you've come as a tourist, to run a business or to settle permanently. And this approach is not limited to municipal activities, but shared by all of us who live here.

In Lidköping we like to get together, discuss things and exchange views. How else do you explain that a town of Lidköping's size has more than 30 cafés?


The municipal housing company, AB Bostäder, has flats to rent in central Lidköping, Saleby, Järpås, Vinninga, Gillstad, Tun and Örslösa.

There is no local housing authority in Lidköping municipality.

Language groups in the locality

The most common language groups among people with a non-Nordic background here are Arabic, Somali, English, Tigrinya, Dari, Tigre, Pashto, Russian, Kurmanji and Thai.

Associations and organisations

Lidköping has an active civil society with many registered associations, for sports, culture, outdoor life, exercise and much more. There are also a number of churches and religious communions. You can find associations to suit your interests in the association register.

Lidköping municipality also has a music school, run by the municipality, where children and young people have an opportunity to try out and learn to play an instrument.

What is available in the immediate area

Our municipality has many services in the immediate area, including a library, a local employment agency, social welfare office, social insurance agency, tax office, banks and a pharmacy. There are many supermarkets, and several furniture shops and second-hand shops. Some of the shops are located just outside the centre and can be reached by excellent public transport.

Läs mer om barnomsorg och förskolor i kommunen.

The municipality has childcare close to residential areas. Lidköping has preschools and family day nurseries for children between the ages of 1 and 5. There are childcare services for parents with inconvenient working hours and there are open facilities for you and your children to get together with others. The municipality also has an independent preschool.

Open preschool

Open preschool offers pedagogic group activities for children and can also offer you support in your parenting role. Open preschool is for parents of small children (from babies to six-year-olds). Adults and children meet here to spend time together and play. The activity is free of charge and no registration is necessary.

Day recreation centres

Recreation centres are for schoolchildren between the ages of 6 and 12 whose parents are working or studying. Recreation centres complement schools and give children meaningful leisure time and support in their development. Children spend time at the recreation centre before and after school or during holidays.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Preschool classes are a voluntary form of schooling for six-year-olds, intended as a bridge between preschool and comprehensive school. Most six-year-olds in Sweden are enrolled in preschool classes. All comprehensive schools in Lidköping municipality offering year 1-6 also have preschool classes.

Comprehensive school is compulsory for all children between the ages of seven and sixteen. Most children in Sweden begin year 1 in the autumn of their seventh year.

International class is a preparatory class for newly arrived pupils between the ages of seven to sixteen.

Lidköping municipality's upper secondary school is De la Gardiegymnasiet, a centrally located school full of life and possibilities. With more than 2000 pupils and 300 employees, it is the biggest upper secondary school in Skaraborg County. The municipality is also home to the independent Thoren Innovation School.

Education opportunities

If you want to study in Lidköping there is plenty of choice and lots of possibilities.

At Campus in Lidköping you can study at different levels: secondary, upper secondary, higher vocational education or higher education. Campus also offers Swedish for immigrants, which is a basic course in the Swedish language. It is intended for immigrants who lack basic knowledge of Swedish. Courses are offered at the basic and upper secondary levels.

Health and medical care

Skaraborgs sjukhus in Lidköping, like Skaraborgs sjukhus in Skövde, is an emergency hospital. Care services include internal medicine, surgery, urology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, anaesthesia/operative/intensive care, radiology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

The hospital also has outpatient consultancies for paediatrics, eyes, ears-nose-throat, hearing and deafness, adult psychiatry, children and youth psychiatry, children and youth rehabilitation, and a laboratory with a blood bank.

You are always welcome to visit child health care centres with any questions you have about your child or your parenting. Staff there can give you advice about breastfeeding, diet, sleep, parenthood and if your child becomes ill.

Interpreter assistance

Interpretation services are available for all contacts with public authorities. The Integration unit can help you arrange an interpreter.

Public transport

Västtrafik runs the public transport in our area.

Work and entrepreneurship

In addition to Lidköping municipality, there are several large employers including Såtenäs flygflottilj (Såtenäs Air Force wing), Region Västra Götaland, Dafgård, Jula, Electrolux, Volvo, Arla, Promens and Fazer.

Gothenburg and Trollhättan are both within commuting distance thanks to good public transport services.