Last updated: 2/12-2022

Mölndal is richly endowed with nature and culture, has well developed services and communications, and a broad offering of recreation and commerce. In Mölndal there is something for all ages.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

146 km²

Mölndal's immediate proximity to Gothenburg municipality also provides access to activities that only a major city can offer.


Most Mölndal residents live in one of the population centres – Mölndal, Kållered or Lindome. About two thirds of housing is detached or terraced houses, or tenant owned flats. Only a third are flats to rent. The fact that few new flats to rent are being built, and the fact that Mölndal is an attractive municipality to live in, means that vacant flats are coveted. Many people who work in Mölndal commute from other municipalities.

Read more about housing in the municipality.

"The biggest housing companies in Mölndal are Mölndal​sbostäder and Förbo. Mölndalsbostäder is connected to Boplats Göteborg, which mediates flats in many municipalities around Gothenburg. Mölndal has no local housing authority. You have to contact property owners and landlords directly to find out how to get on their housing list. Contact information is available via Eniro.

Language groups in the locality

Aside from Nordic and major European languages, common language groups are Sorani, Arabic, Dari, Persian and Somali.

Associations and organisations

There are about 300 associations in Mölndal, and information about them is available via Mölndal's association register. There are few immigrant associations, but most of the major immigrant communities have associations in Gothenburg. Many different religious communities and communions are also represented in Gothenburg.

What is available in the immediate area

The social welfare office and Arbetsförmedlingen are located in and near the centre of Mölndal. For personal contacts with the Försäkringskassan and the Tax Agency, you need to turn to their Gothenburg offices. Mölndal has both Refugee guides/Language friends and language cafés that allow Swedes and newly arrived immigrants to meet and get to know each other.

What is available in the immediate area

For those interested in culture, there are a number of libraries, the Möllan culture centre and cinema, Mölndal museum and Gunnebo castle, theatre productions are held in the summer. If you like to do sport as well as watch it, there are many sports facilities in various parts of the municipality. Many of these are in the district of Åby, which is also home to the Åby harness racing track and an indoor swimming pool. Mölndal also has lots of areas for outdoor activities such as country walks.

There are supermarkets in most of Mölndal's bigger districts. Shops are otherwise concentrated to Kållered Köpstad, which has an IKEA among many other shops, and to the centre of Mölndal. Mölndal's second-hand shop is also near the centre. All the major banks have branches in Mölndal.


All the information you need about municipal and private childcare is available on Mölndal's website under Preschools and childcare and Family day nurseries, day child minders.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Information about municipal schools is available on Mölndal's website, for comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools. In central Mölndal there is an independent school for preshool – year 9 called Kvarnhjulet Montessori School.

Education opportunities

Municipal adult education is available in many forms, including Swedish for immigrants. Higher education is available in Gothenburg and Borås.

Health and medical care

Mölndal hospital is one of several medical care institutions within the Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU). SU is a county hospital for the inhabitants of the Gothenburg region, with resources to carry out treatments in most specialist areas of medicine and psychiatry. The Queen Silvia Children and Young Persons hospital is also part of SU. For emergency medical care, turn to the appropriate ward.

Mölndal can also offer many of the care services included in Västra Götaland Region public primary care, also known as Närhälsan. Visit the website and search for the appropriate type of care. There are also some private medical care centres. Dental care is available from both national dental health care services and private clinics that you can find via eniro.se.

Interpreter assistance

When you are in contact with someone who works for Mölndal municipality, you have the right to understand what is being said or written. This may require help by an interpreter. This right also applies to those with serious hearing or speaking disabilities.

Public transport

Västtrafik runs all public transport in Västra Götaland. Mölndal has good public transport services both within the urban area and to surrounding municipalities as well as the rest of the country. Mölndal station is the local hub for buses, trams and commuter trains. Several daily trains going south to Copenhagen also stop there.

Work and entrepreneurship

Most of the information you need for starting or running a business in Mölndal is available on Mölndal's webiste, under Businesses. Mölndal municipality is also a major employer, with about 5 000 employees. Via Volunteer in Mölndal you can also become involved with charities and NGOs.

The municipality’s business community and companies