Last updated: 2/12-2022

Munkedal - more of life! Munkedal has a varied landscape, from the typical Bohuslän with spectacular rocks rising out of fertile plains to mountain scenery and moorland.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

634 km²

In Munkedal municipality, you are in close proximity of everything. By car you can reach Gothenburg in an hour, Oslo in two hours and Copenhagen in 4.5 hours. You reach the coast within 30 minutes. To experience fantastic wilderness, it is often enough to step outside your doorstep.


Munkedal municipality is a countryside municipality where it is common to have a house or a farm in the country but even a flat or house in our societies.

Language groups in the locality

Swedish, English. Language groups for the newly arrived: Arabic, Persian, Tigrinya, Dari, Punjabi, Somalian, Romani, Luganda.

Associations and organisations

In Munkedal municipality, we have a well functioning range of recreational activities. Here, there are many sport activities such as golf, riding, child gymnastics, fitness gymnastics, floor ball, football and ice hockey. Also, there are several study associations, cultural associations, help organisations and religious associations. You can contact the associations easily on telephone. You can find the telephone number on the municipality's homepage.

What is available in the immediate area


Commercial service: ICA (bookmakers, ATMs), fuel station, pizzerias, hairdressers, garages.


"Commercial service: grocery stores (delivery of packages, the state retail shop selling wines and spirits), local shops (pharmacy , pizzeria), fuel station."


Commercial service: ICA (post office, dry cleaning, ATM, bus pass), fuel station (delivery office, cash giro, bookmakers) camping cottages, parking spaces for mobile homes.


Commercial Services: ICA (post, delivery office, ATM), COOP (ATM), Hemköp, convenience store, pizzerias, laundromat, bank, fuel station, a kiosk and bookmakers (cash giro), state retail shop selling wines and spirit, car repair, car wash, clothing stores, bakeries, opticians, hairdressers, florist, building materials, radio - and television shops, home appliance stores, second-hand, flea market etc.



Local services: Rasta Håby with round the clock shops, motels and fuel stations (including gas and electricity) (located between Dingle and Munkedal), IKEA and Torp shopping centres (Uddevalla Municipality), Tanum shopping centre (Tanum)


In Munkedal municipality there are preschools and family day-care homes/educational child-care in all localities. In the Munkedal suburb, there is also an open preschool.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

Education is a priority in Munkedal municipality. The municipality aims to have high quality education at all levels. Pre-school and primary and lower secondary schools up to grade 6 are in Dingle, Hällevadsholm and in Munkedal at four locations. Senior level studies at Kungsmarksskolan includes grades 7-9. In Sörbygden, there are preschool and primary and lower secondary schools up to grade 6 in Hedekas.

Uddevalla upper secondary school for young people offers a wide range of programs. However, there is also an unique upper secondary school associated with Arctic Paper AB, Process Technology Upper Secondary School, which offers vocational training in the process technology industry. Secondary schools also have an individual programme put together with Komvux (adult education) in Kunskapens Hus (House of Knowledge). Special schools and upper secondary schools are in Munkedal.

Education opportunities

The municipal adult education programme, Komvux, in Kunskapens Hus (house of knowledge) in Munkedal, offers all levels from primary adult education to University level education as well as SFI, Swedish for Immigrants.

Health and medical care

Public health and sick care clinics in Munkedal municipality

Dingle: district nurse clinics, dental clinics, veterinarian clinics

Hedekas: district nurse clinic

Hällevadsholm: dental clinics

Munkedal: healthcare centre, maternity clinic (MVC), children's clinic (BVC), pharmacy and dental clinic.

In proximity:

  • Emergency NÄL, Trollhättan
  • Emergency (orthopaedics and optics): Uddevalla hospital
  • After-hours centre: Lysekils hospital

Interpreter assistance

Contact Information for the newly arrived: or +46 (0) 72 214 12 25 (Monday– Thursday: 8.30–11:00)

Public transport

There are public transport links in the municipality. Information on timetables and different ways to travel can be found on the municipality's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

Business in Munkedal is dominated by the paper factory, Arctic Paper AB, which is the biggest company in the municipality with the highest number of employees. Small businesses represent, on the other hand, the biggest proportion of companies. Here, you will find most industries within the trade and services sector. Also, Munkedal is situated at a convenient commute to workplaces throughout northern Bohuslän, Fyrstad and Gothenburg.

The municipality’s business community and companies