Last updated: 2/12-2022

Tanum municipality is in northern Bohuslän. The area has a great variety of natural environments: coastal and archipelagic landscapes, and interior landscapes of farmland, forests and lakes.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers


Size by area

917 km²

Tanum's Bronze Age rock carvings were added to UNESCO's World Heritage list in 1994. Sweden's first marine national park, Kosterhavet, opened in the municipality in 2009.


Tanum municipality has various forms of accommodation, including flats, tenant-owned properties, and detached houses owned by either private or municipal housing companies. The biggest manager and provider of rented flats is a municipal company, Tanums Bostäder AB (TBAB). TBAB owns and manages around 600 flats to rent. If you want to join their housing list, learn more about their properties, or see flats that are currently available, visit Tanum bostäder's website.

There are a few private property owners in Tanum who rent out flats. Some of these are listed on Tanum's website. For further information, contact the municipality's integration coordinator.

Language groups in the locality

There are various language groups in Tanum municipality, including Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali, Thai and Dari.

Associations and organisations

Tanum municipality has a diverse civil society made up of about 130 active associations. Civil society represents many different areas, and associations are spread throughout the municipality. All associations are listed in the association register. The Church of Sweden and a number of nonconformist churches are present in Tanum. The nearest mosque is in Uddevalla.

What is available in the immediate area

Tanumshede has public services such as refugee reception, an employment agency, a pharmacy, post office and banks. The Social Insurance Agency, Tax Agency and Pensions Agency share a service office in Strömstad.

There are libraries in four communities – the main one is in Tanumshede. The municipality runs a shop selling used furniture and other household goods (Återbruket) and a second-hand clothes shop.

Tanum municipality has a number of supermarkets, and big chains such as Coop/Konsum and ICA are present in various communities. A shopping centre with about 65 shops is expected to open in November 2014 in Tanumshede by the E6 motorway. There is an IKEA in Uddevalla.

The municipality has a driving school, hotels, restaurants, a pastry shop and cafés. In the centre you'll also find a gym, a recreation centre, an education association and more.

What is available in the immediate area


Childcare in Tanum is characterised by diversity. Our family day nurseries, preschools and day recreation centres provide a safe and stimulating environment, with qualified and knowledgeable staff. Preschool places are available in three months. There is an open preschool at Eken family centre. There are also preschools run by parents' cooperatives.

Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools

There are nine comprehensive schools in Tanum municipality's various communities. Tanum's upper secondary school, in Tanumshede, is a small school with a personal touch, and easy to feel at home in.

Education opportunities

Municipal adult education is offered at Futura in Tanumshede. They have programmes and courses at different levels. You can also study Swedish for immigrants (Sfi) there. Grebbestad has a folk high school. The nearest university college is in Trollhättan.

Health and medical care

Tanum municipality has two medical care centres, one in Tanumshede and one in Fjällbacka. National dental health care services are available in Tanumshede and Hamburgsund. The Eken family centre in Tanumshede has obstetrics consultation services and a youth clinic. There are hospitals in Strömstad, Uddevalla and Trollhättan.

You can also turn to Möteshuset (the meeting house) for support and guidance when you need to speak to someone about parenting support, for example, or concerns about your child, other problems in the family or in other relationships, or to do with finances or budgeting. Möteshuset is in Tanumshede.

Interpreter assistance

Anyone who needs an interpreter in their contacts with the municipality is entitled to one, without charge. Interpreters are booked by the municipality.

Public transport

The E6 motorway to Gothenburg and Oslo passes through the municipality. To the east we have road connections with Dalsland, Värmland and the Väner region. Tanum's railway station is just outside Tanumshede, and is where you catch Bohusbanan trains north to Strömstad or south to Uddevalla and Gothenburg. Bus and train timetables are available on Västtrafik's website.

The nearest airport with domestic flights is Malöga in Trollhättan, about an hour's drive from Tanumshede. There are two international airports in Gothenburg.

Work and entrepreneurship

Tanum municipality's business density is high, with about 2200 companies in total, most of them small or medium-sized. The biggest employers are Tanum municipality, NorDan AB, Sportshopen, Tetra Pak Inventing AB and TanumStrand. These are all located within a radius of thirty kilometres around Tanumshede.

Tanum municipality borders on four other municipalities: Strömstad, Dals-Ed, Sotenäs and Munkedal. The central communities in all of these are within fifty kilometres of Tanumshede.