Sending money to your family back home

Last updated: 6/12-2022

There are several banks and other companies you can turn to in order to send money abroad.

Companies that offer this service charge a fee for transferring and exchanging currencies. Sometimes they also charge a fee for the recipient of the money. The cost of sending money can vary greatly between different companies and banks in Sweden.

"Money from Sweden" is a free service for comparing prices. It is run by the Swedish state, and allows you to compare how much it costs to send money using different companies. It also tells you how long it will take the money to get there. You can't send money via their website, but it has links to banks and companies that offer the service.

There are different ways of paying when you want to transfer money – in cash, by card or bank transfer. Different companies accept different payment methods. You also need to bear in mind that not all companies transfer money to all countries.