Family reunification

Last updated: 5 7 2021

You can read here about how your family can apply to be reunited with you in Sweden.

What is family reunification?

Family reunification means that a family which has been split up can apply for permission to move to Sweden in order to live together with the family member who has been granted a residence permit.

Who is entitled to family reunification?

Your immediate family is entitled to move to be with you (your spouse, cohabitant or partner, and children under 18). You have to be over 21 years of age and must have been married or cohabiting before you fled.

Your family can apply for residence permits in order to move to you in Sweden if you:

  • have a permanent residence permit,
  • have a temporary residence permit, and you appear to have a good chance of getting a permanent residence permit.

What are the rules?

In order to be allowed to have your family join you here you may need to show that you can manage to support all of you (maintenance requirement). You also need to have a home that is appropriate for the entire family.

If your family applies for residence permits within three months of your being granted a residence permit, the maintenance requirement will not apply for you.

The maintenance requirement does not apply if you arrived in Sweden as a quota refugee, provided that your family applies for residence permits within three months of your arrival in Sweden.

How do you apply for family reunification?

Your family submits an application from the country where they are living. They can apply at the Swedish Embassy or on the Migration Agency's website.

When your family applies for family reunification they have to prove who they are. They need to show valid passports or equivalent identity documents.