Finding a place to live

Last updated: 15/7-2024

There are different ways to find a place to live. In some municipalities it is quite easy to find housing, while in others it is more difficult.

Ett bostadsområde med lägenhetshus.

Some municipalities have local housing agencies that act as agents for several different housing companies. Local housing agencies usually have a website where you can register and search for vacant housing. In other municipalities you have to join a housing queue and contact the housing companies yourself to find vacant housing.

Join the housing queue as early as possible.

You need to have a home insurance policy regardless of what type of housing you live in. Home insurance covers your home and your belongings if there is a fire, water damage or a burglary, for example.

You have to be registered in the population register at the address where you live. If you move, report your new address to the Tax Agency.

If you stayed in accommodation provided by the Migration Agency during your asylum application period

If you stayed in Migration Agency accommodation, the Migration Agency can help you find housing when you are granted a residence permit.

You can stay in the Migration Agency accommodation until the Migration Agency finds housing for you. If you turn down the housing offer made by the Migration Agency, you will no longer be able to stay in Migration Agency accommodation.

If you stayed in private accommodation during your asylum application period

If you arranged your own accommodation, you also have to arranged your own housing when you are granted a residence permit. In most cases you are entitled to a month of support from the Migration Agency after the granting of your residence permit.

Explanations of words and terms

Local housing agency

A local housing agency acts as an intermediary between several different housing companies and people looking for housing.

Population registration

If you move to Sweden, you will usually be required to be listed in the Swedish Population Register as a resident of the country. The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) is responsible for the Swedish Population Register.