If you want to study

Last updated: 29 10 2018

There are several different ways you can study. In this section you can read more about what your options are if you want to study, and about education entry grants.

Supplementary training

If you were trained for a profession in another country, or have worked in a profession in another country, you may need to attend supplementary training in order to be able to work in that profession in Sweden.

Supplementary training programmes are offered at universities and university colleges. They include programmes for:

  • economists
  • engineers
  • nurses
  • social workers
  • information systems engineers
  • doctors
  • teachers

The training programmes are between 1 and 2 years long. You are eligible for financial aid from the Swedish Board of Student Finance, CSN, while you attend a supplementary training programme.

Folk high schools

A folk high school is a school for adult students where you can take courses at the basic and upper secondary levels. It is possible to board at many folk high schools while you study there.

Grant and loans from CSN

Studying in Sweden is most often free of charge. You can apply for different types of grants and loans from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) to cover your costs while you are studying.

What types of grant and loans you can apply for depends on how old you are and at what level you are studying.