Last updated: 31/1-2023

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  • 'He opened my eyes': Russians in Sweden react to Alexei Navalny's death

    Since the death was announced on Friday of the Russian political activist and Putin critic Alexei Navalny, questions have been raised about the consequences for the opposition movement in Russia.Alexey Karikh is a Russian who moved to Sweden in 2021 and opposes the Putin regime. He tells Radio Sweden that the fight for democracy will continue.”It won't be the end of the democracy movement because democracy is not a person, it's an idea,” he says.
  • Military boats, mines and torpedoes to Ukraine

    Sweden is planning to send its largest military assistance package to Ukraine yet.At a value of SEK 7.1 billion, the package includes fast assault military boats, mines, torpedoes, artillery ammunition and more.Defence Minister Pål Jonsson says giving support to Ukraine is also an investment in Sweden's own security.
  • Malmö preschools not reporting suspected 'honor' based oppression

    Over 10 months last year, only one report of concern was made regarding so-called honor based oppression in Malmö preschools.This is despite a new investigation by Malmö municipality that shows many examples of how children are being subjected to this sort of oppression.One reason behind the disparity is that preschool staff are afraid of the children's parents, local newspaper Sydsvenskan reports.
  • Kitchen fitters exposed to dangerous silica dust in social media videos

    Cutting engineered stone without any anti-dust measures — so-called ”dry-cutting” — is linked to serious health risks.But when Radio Sweden goes through videos that building companies have posted to social media, we find several clips from one company where workers cut kitchen benchtops made of engineered stone completely unprotected.”It's forbidden to cut it dry, they're supposed to have a vacuum that sucks up the dust, or use water to minimise it,” says Johan Torstensson Aas from the construction workers' union Byggnads. The company behind the videos declined to be interviewed, but writes in an SMS that it's now made changes, and won't let workers put their health at risk.
  • Counter-intelligence agency: These are the biggest threats against Sweden

    Russia will reestablish its military presence near Sweden as soon as it can, according to a new report from the Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service (Must).Thomas Nilsson, director of the agency, says that Sweden needs to be prepared to face a hostile and unpredictable Russia.Espionage against Sweden, and against Nato via Sweden, is also a primary threat, the report states.
  • Roughly 40 people striking at Tesla – third of workforce

    New labor conflict statistics from the National Mediation Office have now made it possible to estimate the amount of striking workers at Tesla.According to Swedish Radio News' estimate, that amounts to 44 workers at Tesla workshops in Sweden.That represents around of third of the technicians at the workshops, based on previous information from the metal workers' union IF Metall.
  • One small step for a Swede – astronaut Marcus Wandt home after space trip

    Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt arrived in Sweden yesterday, holding a press conference with the Swedish National Space Agency.He said that he is proud to have represented Sweden and Europe at the station.Minister of Education Mats Persson says that he hopes Wandt, the third Swede in space, will serve as a role model so that Sweden will send more astronauts in the future.
  • Swedish inflation rate U-turns - rises to 3.3 percent

    The rate of inflation in Sweden stopped falling in January - a shift expected by experts.Inflation landed at 3.3 percent, compared to 2.3 percent in December.Prices of coffee, tea and cooking oil were among those going up.
  • Sweden to be quizzed on Sami rights

    This week, representatives from the Swedish state will be questioned by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights about how they preserve the rights of the country's minorities.The situation of the Sweden's indigenous Sami population will be addressed, including fears that their rights may be disregarded in connection with the expected mining expansion in the north.”It's worrying that the so called green transition is placed above the rights of the indigenous Sami people,” says Charlotta Göller, a spokesperson for the NGO the Fund for Global Human Rights to Swedish Radio News.
  • Person found dead on Friday at fire-hit water park

    A person, missing since a massive fire broke out at Oceana water park in Gothenburg, was found dead on Friday.”Predicting the fire's behaviour was a big challenge”, deputy fire chief Per Nyqvist tells Radio Sweden.Emergency services are, for the fifth straight day, working around the clock under difficult conditions to bring the fire under control.