About the coronavirus

Last updated: 1 10 2021

The coronavirus that causes covid-19 is spreading in Sweden and around the world. It is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus. Keep a distance to other people both indoors and outdoors. Get vaccinated in order to help stop the spread. Getting vaccinated is free of charge.

These pages contain more information about the coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccinations. You will also find a compilation of questions and answers about how the coronavirus can affect your health and your life situation. There are also videos about how testing and vaccination work plus links to various government agencies and organisations that offer further information.

Important phone numbers

  • National helpline about the novel coronavirus in several languages: 08-123 680 00
  • Call 113 13 for answers to any general questions you have about covid-19.
  • If you can't manage self care at home, phone the health care helpline on 1177.
  • In life-threatening situations, call 112.

More information about the coronavirus and covid-19: