Safety and security

Last updated: 30 5 2018

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This material is from the book About Sweden.

In order to ensure that you are able to live in safety and security, there are public authorities that work with safety and security in Sweden. There are also things you can do yourself.

The Fire and Rescue Service

The Fire and Rescue Service put out fires and provide help in the event of accidents on the road and at sea. The Fire and Rescue Service also work to prevent fires. For example, they can describe how fire alarms and fire extinguishers work. The fire and rescue service is also called the fire brigade and belongs to the municipality.


What to do in the event of a fire

  • Rescue – Rescue people who are in danger, but do not take risks. Remember that smoke is poisonous. Crawl along the floor to get out. Close windows and doors.
  • Warn – Warn those who are threatened by the fire.
  • Raise the alarm – Activate the fire alarm if there is one and call 112 from a safe place. Meet the Fire and Rescue Service when they arrive.
  • Extinguish – If you have a fire extinguisher, you can begin putting out the fire. Point the fire extinguisher at the embers – not at the flames.

The most important is that you call 112 when you see a fire! You have to describe what has happened and what damage you can see. You also have to provide the address and where help is needed and say who you are.

Photo: Johnér

The police

If you want to ask the police a question or tell them about a crime, you have to call 114 14. This number is the same everywhere in Sweden. If it is an emergency, you have to call 112. You have to call 112 if you see a crime, if someone is injured and needs help or if there is a fire.

Road safety

The Swedish Transport Administration is the authority in Sweden responsible for road safety. Swedish authorities have a goal that no people are killed or seriously injured on the road. An important aspect of this is ensuring that everyone drives at the right speed, drive sober and that everyone uses protective equipment. It is the law that all those riding in a car have to wear seatbelts. Children require special protective equipment such as booster seats or a child seat. It is also the law that all children under 15 have to wear a helmet when they ride a bike.

In Sweden we drive and cycle on the right side of the road. Use a cycle path if there is one. You also have to walk on the pavement or pedestrian path if there is one. You can also walk on the left side of a street or road, so that you see traffic approaching on your side. Use pedestrian crossings when you want to cross the road. Cars and bikes have to stop to allow you to cross at crossings.