Living with disability

Last updated: 21 9 2018

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This material is from the book About Sweden.

A person with a disability is someone who has a disease or injury that means they may need extra support.

Those who have a disability are to have the same opportunities to be involved in the life of society as everyone else. For example, children with disabilities are to receive childcare and school just like all other children.

There is a law, Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS), that gives those who have a disability the right to support. This support can take the form of a person who helps you to deal with activities of daily living. You can also get money (disability allowance) if your disability means that you have additional costs or you need, for example, help in order to work or study. You apply to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency for disability allowance.

You can also get support through the LSS if you have a developmental disorder, autism or other permanent physical or psychological injury. People who have children with disabilities can receive childcare allowance. If you have questions about disabilities, you should talk to social services in your municipality.

Mobility services

If you have difficulty travelling yourself or using normal public transport (buses, trains, trams) you can make use of mobility services. You are then able to travel by taxi or a small bus. The municipality decides whether you are entitled to mobility services.

If you become ill or have a disability

If you have a job and become ill, your employer pays sick pay for the first 14 days. You then receive an allowance from the Social Insurance Agency. This is called a sickness benefit.

If you cannot work full time because of illness or injury or you have a disability, you can receive money from the Social Insurance Agency.

Contacting the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

The Social Insurance Agency has offices where you can go if you want to ask any questions. Sometimes you have to make an appointment.

If you think the Social Insurance Agency has made the wrong decision, you can appeal. The appeal must be made in writing within two months of the decision being made. You submit your appeal to the Administrative Court, but you send the letter to the Social Insurance Agency first. This is because the Social Insurance Agency has to have the opportunity to change its decision. If the Agency does not change its decision, the appeal is sent to the Administrative Court.

Financial support

Financial support is part of the social insurance that municipalities are responsible for. You can apply for financial support from the social services in your municipality if you have difficulties supporting yourself.