Starting your own business

Last updated: 21 9 2018

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This material is from the book About Sweden.

In 2017 there are about 500,000 people in Sweden who are entrepreneurs. This represents 9 per cent of all the people in the labour market.

If you want to start your own business, you can get help from various organisations and authorities such as ALMI and Arbetsförmedlingen. There is a lot of information about starting your own business on the websites: or

The Tax Agency arranges free information gatherings in many locations around Sweden. There are information gatherings for those starting their own businesses, where the Tax Agency will show you how to register your company and give you tips about getting started. You will also have an opportunity to meet representatives of local organisations. They will describe what sort of help they can offer you as a future entrepreneur.

ALMI Företagspartner AB is owned by the Swedish State. ALMI works to ensure that more businesses are started, as well as to develop small and medium-sized businesses. ALMI helps both by providing information and with the production of a business plan. A business plan is a description of how your company will work.

IFS Advisory Services is one part of ALMI and is there to help immigrants who want to start a business. IFS Advisory Services provides free advice in various languages. IFS can be found in various parts of Sweden.

Financing for starting a business

In order to get your business going you will often need financing (money). Sometimes you may need someone else's help. It is usually easier to arrange financing for your company if you have a good business concept and a well thought-out business plan. There are various ways of arranging financing in order to get a business started, such as:

  • Bank loans

If you turn to a bank, the bank makes an assessment of your financial situation and determines whether you will be allowed to borrow money and, if so, how much you are able to borrow. A bank loan is paid back with interest.

  • Venture capital

Venture capital is the money that a financier invests in your company with the aim of earning money in the future. This also requires a very good business plan and idea and often involves an agreement on the shared ownership of your business.

  • Grants or loans from public-sector funding bodies such as from Arbetsförmedlingen or ALMI.