Festivals observed throughout life

Last updated: 22 8 2018

Image Boken om Sverige
This material is from the book About Sweden.


About 45 per cent of all children is baptised in the Church of Sweden. It is also common for parents to give their children a name at a party. This is called a naming ceremony. When their child is baptised or has a naming ceremony, most people have a party at home for their family and friends. The guests usually give the child a present.


Confirmation is about Christian faith. It is a ceremony in church for young people to confirm their baptism. Most people are 14 at the time of their confirmation. Confirmation was more common in the past than it is now. Following the ceremony in church, most families have a party for friends and relatives. The person being confirmed normally receives presents.

Photo: Johnér


Many of those who get married have a party for their family and friends. The guests are usually present at the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, there is a meal and a party with dancing. The bride and groom usually receive presents from their guests.

A family celebrating a birthday. Photo: Colourbox


Many people in Sweden celebrate their birthday. Children celebrating their birthday usually have a party for their friends. At the birthday party, the children play, eat cake and the birthday child receives presents. Adults also celebrate their birthdays. Close friends and relatives usually give presents to the person whose birthday it is. Many people have a extra special celebration when their age reaches a round number such as 50.


When someone dies, there is usually a funeral in a church or a chapel. A chapel is a small building or room that can be used instead of a church. It is common for family and close friends to attend funerals.