Dental care

Last updated: 11 11 2021

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This material is from the book About Sweden.

There is both public and private dental care in Sweden. Publicly owned dental care is run by a county council or region and is called the Swedish Public Dental Service. There are many private dentists in Sweden.

The rules about how much you have to pay for dental care vary. This depends on where you live and which dentist you choose.

Dental care in Sweden is free at least until the year you turn 21, and can be provided by either the Swedish Public Dental Service or dentists in private practice. Age limits for free dental care for young people vary in different parts of the country.

All children and young people are regularly called to the dentist for examinations, treatment and preventative dental care. Adults have to contact the dentist themselves.

Dental care subsidy

All those who live in Sweden have a right to dental care subsidy from the age of 23. Dental care subsidy is partly an allowance (money) to pay for the dentist and partly high-cost protection.

The allowance for dental care is SEK 600 per year for those who are between 23 and 29 or over 65. The allowance is SEK 300 per year for people aged 30 to 64. You can save your dental care allowance one year and used it the next.

High-cost protection means that you only need to pay part of the cost yourself. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency pays the rest.

High-cost protection is valid for twelve months. This provides a discount when you have to pay for dental care that costs more than SEK 3,000. You pay half of the cost. If you receive a treatment that costs over SEK 15,000, you only pay 15 per cent of the cost.


The Swedish Public Dental Service offers dental care at a fixed price. This is called Frisktandvård You pay a fixed amount each month. It is then free to visit the dentist. You have to sign a contract to join Frisktandvård. You also have to undergo an examination so that your dentist can determine how much your Frisktandvård will cost.