Care of the elderly

Last updated: 18/1-2023

When people grow older they often need help with practical everyday things. In Sweden all elderly people who need support and help are entitled by law to receive them from public services.

What elder care services include varies depending on which municipality you live in.

Elder care can provide help at home and in various types of sheltered accommodation.

When someone passes away

To pass away is another term for dying. When an elderly relative passes away at home you have to contact medical care staff. Sometimes they will come to collect the body and take it to a hospital, where a doctor issues a death certificate. If you have special wishes, such as for religious rituals, you should speak to the medical care staff about this.

Guide for surviving family members

Losing a family member can be an ordeal, and you may need help and support in dealing with your grief as well as practical matters. The Guide for surviving family members is an independent website that brings together the most important things you need to know when a family member has died.

Survivor's pension

Your financial situation changes if you shared finances with a family member who has passed away. You may need to plan and make a budget. But you may also be entitled to financial support when a family member dies.

Survivor's pension is a form of financial support that may be paid to you if you have lost a family member. It is intended to cover the part of your maintenance that the deceased person paid for.


Swedish legislation regulates who inherits any money and other assets left behind by the deceased person. This is known as inheritance law.