Last updated: 9/12-2022

Here you can read more about where you can turn during and after the pregnancy, as well as about unwanted pregnancies.

Pregnancy and maternal care

Maternity clinic (MVC)

The maternity clinic, or mödravårdscentralen (MVC), is primarily for pregnant women. You go to the maternity clinic throughout your pregnancy to check that both the child and you yourself are doing well. Visits to the maternity clinic are free. The maternity clinic also arranges meetings where you can get information about pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding. It is common for the father of the expected child to come to visits and meetings. In Sweden it is usual for men to be present at the birth.


You can yourself choose which delivery clinic you want to give birth in, but sometimes you may be referred to another if there is not enough room in the one you choose.

Child health centre (BVC)

As a parent, you can get help here. At the child health centre, or barnavårdscentralen (BVC), you can get tips about your child's development, breast-feeding, food and illnesses. When you come home after the childbirth, you can contact the child health centre yourself to make an appointment for a first meeting. The first meeting is often held at home. At it the nurse tells you about the child health centre and looks to see how your baby is doing.

Unwanted pregnancy

Protection against pregnancy

There are various ways to protect yourself against an unwanted pregnancy. The various ways are often called preventive methods or preventive means. You can look for preventive means at youth health offices, midwife offices and the health care central. Condoms can be purchased at pharmacies or food stores, for example.

Abortion means terminating a pregnancy

The Abortion Act gives the woman the right to abortion without stating a reason before the end of week 18. If you are pregnant you will decide about abortion yourself.