Before you arrive in Sweden

Last updated: 1/3-2023

You have to be in Sweden or on the Swedish border in order to apply for asylum. It’s not possible to apply for asylum before you arrive, or at a Swedish embassy in another country.

The Migration Agency in Sweden determines whether you are entitled to protection in Sweden. The Migration Agency's website has a lot of information about seeking asylum in Sweden.

You can also read through the information on this page in order to prepare for your arrival in Sweden.

If you applied for asylum in another country before you arrived in Sweden

If you are fleeing from a country outside Europe you have to apply for asylum in the first European country you reach. This is specified in the Dublin Regulation, which is an agreement between the countries of the European Union (EU) and Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

If you apply for asylum in Sweden, the Migration Agency will begin by investigating:

  • If you have received a visa to any other EU country.
  • If you have any of certain types of residence permits in another EU country.
  • If you have applied for asylum in another EU country on your way to Sweden.

If any of the points match your situation, in most cases it will not be Sweden that is responsible for your asylum application.

Your asylum application may still be examined in Sweden if the asylum application you made in another country has not been examined, or if you have not received a decision on the asylum application you made in another country.

If you have family or relatives in Sweden, the Migration Agency may decide that your asylum application is to be examined in Sweden. The Migration Agency can also request that your asylum application be examined in another country in Europe, if you have family or relatives in that country and the Migration Agency finds that the best thing for you would be to be with them.

The Miniila app – Support for young migrants and refugees

Miniila is an app that can help you during your migration through Europe. It provides information about where you can get help with everything from food and medical care to legal advice, in the location you are in. The app also has information about your rights and the corona virus. It is free, easy to use, and protects your personal data.

The Miniila app is available in Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, French and English.

Missing Children Europe have made a video about the Miniila app. The video is in English. It has a choice of subtitles in English, Arabic, Persian, French and Tigrinya.