Dalarnas län

Last updated: 17 10 2018

Dalarna covers the same area as Belgium, but with the difference that here there are just under 300,000 inhabitants, while there are 10.5 million inhabitants in the same area in Belgium. Dalarna's largest lake, Siljan, was formed by a meteorite impact around 360 million years ago. Today, the Siljan area is a great tourist destination, and the lake forms a fantastic view, framed by the tall blue mountains in the north.

Municipalities in Dalarnas län

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Falun seen from the Falu River.

Housing situation

Are you thinking of moving here? How would you like to live, and where? There are many options in Dalarna, which is made up of 15 municipalities that are all different from each other. What are you looking for? A modern apartment in town or a house in the country, with cows grazing in a meadow outside your window? Or perhaps something in between?

Life in Dalarna offers plenty of variety. The mountains are nearby, as are waterways and countryside - but you are never far from towns either. There are many possibilities. Once you have decided to move here, we recommend that you contact the new residents contact officer in the municipality you are moving to. They have a network of contacts in the municipality, with information about child care, housing, schools/education programmes. Contact information is here.

Business and employers

Dalarna's business sector covers most things. From large international companies, such as the steel giant SSAB and the power company ABB to medium-sized and small companies. We have thousands of entrepreneurs within locally produced food, for example, and a large number of tourism companies, small and big, spread throughout the county. From raw materials and high technology to services and healthcare. Within ten years, one third of the personnel at Dalarna county health services will retire, so the need for new employees will increase over the next few years. In Dalarna, you can spice up your career with quality of life.

The dalarna.se website has links to ads for vacant jobs, the municipalities' business office, information about business and investment support, business associations etc.

Schools and education

Dalarna University was established in 1977 and has since then grown quickly. The two campus areas in Falun and Borlänge offer just over 60 programmes and around 1,100 courses with education adapted to the labour market. The university has around 16,000 students and around 800 employees. There is also a great range of comprehensive and upper secondary schools. More information about them and childcare can be found on the municipalities' websites.

Medical care

Dalarna county council offers health and medical care to the inhabitants of the county and visitors, including dental and oral healthcare. If you or a close relative becomes ill and need advice during daytime on weekdays, you should contact your medical centre. You can find the medical centres here. The district doctor or healthcare personnel take care of the most common health problems, and refer you on to other specialist care as necessary. If you need acute medical care, please telephone your medical centre or 1177 Vårdguiden before going to the accident and emergency clinic. If is is an emergency and you or someone close to you need immediate help, ring 112.

Culture and leisure

Culture makes people develop. Our self-confidence and ability to express ourselves, our imagination and creativity are reinforced when we experience, create or learn something new. Where people grow, so does democracy. The aim of the activities of Dalarna county council is that they shall be broad and of high quality, and distributed throughout the county. Support to culture, associations, public education and schools increases the opportunities for all who live here to impact on the development of society. The actors within the cultural and educational area shall be many. Creative environments contribute to social networks, regional development and growth.

On Visit Dalarna there is lots of information about various leisure activities and events throughout the county.

Musicians and folk dancers on their way to Midsummer celebrations.

Associations and organisations – civil society

We have a broad and strong range of associations. Organisations such as the Swedish Red Cross and Save the Children, just like churches and religious associations, have a prominent role in the county, and in several municipalities there are activities and meeting places to ensure established and newly arrived persons can meet other inhabitants of the municipalities. Many municipalities have their own association registers, which can be found on the website of the municipality in question.