Technical information

Last updated: 8 7 2020

This is information about the website design and technical functions.

The website is responsive, meaning its size and appearance is automatically adapted to the size of your screen. As a result, the layout of the site is different on a mobile phone than on a computer.


The best way to visit the website is to use a modern browser that supports current web standards, such as the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. To get the best experience of the website you should also have JavaScript activated in the browser.

Font size and magnification

You can zoom in or out on the website by pressing and holding the Ctrl key while pressing the + key (larger) or the – key (smaller), or by pressing the Ctrl key and turning the scroll wheel on your mouse up or down.

Some browsers also support enlargement of the font size only, but then the surfaces and images will not be scaled up as they are when you zoom in.

Text-to-speech service

The texts on can be read out by a text-to-speech service. The website uses Talande Webb.

If you are using a computer you will see a small loudspeaker icon at the top of the page. Under the icon is the word Listen. Click on it and a menu will appear where you can choose text-to-speech or other aids.

When you are using a mobile phone to view the site, the loudspeaker icon is at the bottom when you open the menu. Tap the icon and choose the page and text you want read out.

Talande webb works for the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish


Photographs with no named photographer have been purchased from Colourbox, an image bank (