Start you own business

Last updated: 27/2-2024

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This text is about starting your own business. Starting your own business can be a good alternative to looking for a job in Sweden.

The text describes what you need in order to start a business in Sweden. It also describes what help and support is available if you want to start your own business.

Everyone is entitled to a job. This amounts to a right not to be excluded from the labour market. Where you are from, what gender you are or how old you are should not affect your chances of getting a job.

There are several rights that are linked to work. You are entitled, for example, to fair working conditions, to equal pay for equal work and to join a trade union. You are also entitled to rest and time off work.

It is also a right for parents to be able to combine family life with work. Children are entitled to protection from work that is harmful or hinders a child’s development and schooling.

What is required in order to start a business in Sweden?

You need to have a business concept and a business plan in order to start a business in Sweden. You also need to know about administration and finances.

Company tax

In order to start your own business you also need to be approved for company taxation. Company tax is always abbreviated F-tax (F-skatt).

You can apply to be approved for F-tax on the Tax Agency’s website.

Get help from Arbetsförmedlingen

If you want to start your own business you can get help and advice from Arbetsförmedlingen, for example. They have a programme called "Support for starting a business activity". Contact Arbetsförmedlingen if participation could be an option for you.

Arbetsförmedlingen will want to see your business concept and business plan in order to assess whether they think your business would be a success.

Arbetsförmedlingen can help you with:

  • Internship in the occupation/industry in which you intend to start a business.
  • Courses with an interpreter on the rules that apply to entrepreneurs concerning taxes, record-keeping requirements, and permits for different industries.
  • Mentor support and individual advice in your home language.
  • Guidance in establishing various contacts and accessing networks in different industries.
  • Follow-up by a consultant in your home language about how your business is going.

Getting advice about starting your own business

It may be a good idea to consult an adviser before starting a business. The website has grouped together several different advisers who can help you if you are new to Sweden.

The Tax Agency arranges free information gatherings in many locations around Sweden. There are information gatherings for those starting their own businesses, where the Tax Agency will show you how to register your company and give you tips about getting started.