Household economy

Last updated: 6/12-2022

Your household’s income and expenses are your household economy. In order to have a good household economy you should maintain a balance between the money you receive and the money you spend each month.

To get an idea about your economy you can make a simple budget. Write down all your income and expenses and use this information when you plan your budget for the coming month. That way you will get an idea of how much things cost and how much you can spend.

Expenses in a budget vary from household to household. Every year the Swedish Consumer Agency estimates a reasonable level for some of the expenses that a household has. You can use their figures as a starting point when you make your own budget. The Hallå Konsument website also has a budget calculator you can use to work out your own household budget.

If you are unable to match expenses to income in your budget, you need to see if there are any expenses you can reduce. Sometimes you can reduce your expenses by choosing a less expensive option. Other times you may be able to save money by choosing an option of better quality, that will last longer.

Be careful about instalment plans or short term loans if you are going to buy something. Try to see if you can save up the money instead. Short term loans and instalment plans often mean you will be paying interest and charges that make the purchase much more expensive.