About Informationsverige.se – Your guide to Swedish society

Last updated: 8/11-2023

Informationsverige.se is a website about Swedish society, which is available in several languages. It can be accessed on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The content is mainly information and tools for asylum seekers and people who have recently been granted a residence permit, but it also includes resources for professionals working with people in these groups.

The film about Informationsverige.se

What is the purpose of Informationsverige.se?

Everyone is entitled to be able to obtain and understand information from government agencies and other authorities. The website is intended to help you and give you the means to influence your situation in Sweden yourself.

What can you find on Informationsverige.se?

Informationsverige.se provides comprehensive information about Swedish society. You can read about how Sweden is governed and how you can participate and have an influence. You can get information about how you can request financial support and how Swedish health and medical care services work. There are also pages with material for your orientation about Swedish society, pages where you can begin to practise Swedish and pages for parents.

You will also find information about government agencies that you will come into contact with during the first period of your stay. You can follow the process from the time you apply for asylum until you have become part of Swedish society and are working or studying.

Who is responsible for Informationsverige.se?

The County Administrative Board in Västra Götaland County is responsible for managing Informationsverige.se in collaboration with Sweden's other county administrative boards. The government pays for Informationsverige.se.

How are the texts on Informationsverige.se written?

The county administrative boards collaborate with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), the Migration Agency and other organisations to ensure that the information on the website is correct and up to date.

The texts are written by Informationsverige.se's editors or by experts in various fields, and the texts written by the website's editors are also checked by experts in various fields. The authors use many different sources for the texts. The editors then edit all texts to ensure that they are easy to read and understand.