Accommodation during the asylum period

Last updated: 29 10 2018

As an asylum seeker you can either arrange your own accommodation or have the Migration Agency provide accommodation for you.

The Migration Agency's accommodation centres

The Migration Agency has accommodation intended only for people who have applied for asylum. These facilities are known as accommodation centres.

If you need the Migration Agency's help to find accommodation, you are not entitled to choose where to live. You have to be prepared to move to a location where there is vacant accommodation. You may also have to move to another accommodation centre during the time you are waiting for a decision on your application.

If you are offered accommodation, the place offered applies only to you. Accommodation is often in a flat that is shared with others. If you arrived in Sweden with your family, you and your family will always be given your own room together. If you are single, you will be sharing a room with others of the same sex.

Your own accommodation

If you don't want to live in a Migration Agency accommodation centre, you can find your own accommodation. Many asylum seekers choose to stay with friends or relatives while they wait for a decision on their application. If you choose to arrange your own accommodation you have to pay any costs for it yourself.

If you arrange your own accommodation you have to inform the Migration Agency of your address, so that they can contact you. If you are staying in your own accommodation when you are granted a residence permit, you will not be eligible for help from the Migration Agency with settling in a municipality.