Swedish courses

Last updated: 12/12-2023

Read here about different Swedish courses from various providers. Some courses are for asylum seekers, while others are for people who have been granted a residence permit.

Swedish for immigrants, Sfi

Swedish for immigrants is a programme that gives you basic knowledge of Swedish and knowledge about Swedish society. Swedish for immigrants is usually abbreviated Sfi.

You are entitled to attend an Sfi programme if:

  • You have a residence permit.
  • You are at least 16 years old.
  • You lack basic knowledge of Swedish.
  • You are registered as resident or will be registered as resident in a municipality.

In some municipalities, people from Ukraine who are comprehended by the Temporary Protection Directive are also entitled to take Sfi courses.

Sfi programmes are provided by the municipality in which you are registered as resident. You can also take Sfi courses at some folk high schools.

Sfi is free of charge. You can study full-time, part-time, or in combination with work, an internship, or some other education programme, e.g. upper secondary school or municipal adult education.

Contact your municipality for more information about Sfi. If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen and participating in the introduction programme, contact your case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen.

Swedish as a second language

Once you have finished your Sfi studies you can continue with a programme of Swedish as a second language. Speak to the study and vocational guidance counsellor on the municipal adult education staff if you need help with your application.

If you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen and participating in the introduction programme, contact your case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen for more information.

Occupational Swedish

Occupational Swedish is a Swedish language programme adapted to different industries and professions. This means you will be learning the Swedish you need in order to be able to work in a specific profession.

You need to be registered with Arbetsförmedlingen in order to attend Occupational Swedish programmes. Arbetsförmedlingen determines whether you are entitled to attend the programme.

Swedish from Day 1 and Everyday Swedish

Swedish from Day 1 and Everyday Swedish are both courses for asylum seekers or recent arrivals in Sweden. If you have a residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive you are also entitled to attend these courses.

The courses teach you the basics of speaking, reading and writing Swedish. They also give you a chance to practise your Swedish in everyday situations.

You can take these courses at a folk high school or via an adult educational association. The courses are free of charge.

There are ten adult educational associations, all of which have their own profile and value platform. More information is available on their websites.

Studying at a folk high school

There are folk high schools that offer courses in Swedish for immigrants (Sfi), Swedish from Day 1, and Everyday Swedish.

At a folk high school you can also take courses at the basic level and the upper secondary level. Some folk high schools offer introduction courses for new arrivals in Swedish, civic orientation, and work preparation, for example.