Last updated: 31/1-2023

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  • Ban on burning home garden waste? MEP says Sweden misinterprets EU-directive

    The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has announced on its website that new rules mean people are banned from burning their garden waste in their own garden, and this is part of a new EU directive, but is it?According to Centre Party MEP Emma Wiesner, burning leaves and branches in your garden has never been part of the discussion in Brussels about the EU-directive, and she says she is tired of the EU getting the blame for decisions made by the Swedish authorities.Meanwhile, Erika Nygren from the Swedish EPA says the formulations in the directive and the law are very clear: bio-waste should first and foremost be recycled, but municipalities can make exceptions.
  • Powerful blast at an apartment building in Borås

    An apartment building in Borås in western Sweden was targeted in an explosion overnight.Nobody was injured, however the building's entrance has been blown apart.Police are yet to make any arrests.
  • Syrians who served in the Syrian army denied Swedish citizenship

    In the past five years around 700 Syrians have been denied Swedish citizenship on the basis that they have served in the Syrian army, reports Swedish Radio News.A Swedish government decision from 2004 says that people who have been involved in organisations that have committed war crimes must wait upwards of 25 years before they can get Swedish citizenship, and the Syrian army is considered one such organisation.Mats Rosenqvist at the Swedish Migration Agency says they that they make individual assessments in these cases, and a lot of Syrians do get citizenship even if they have served in their army.
  • Study: Positive attitudes towards Swedish spoken with an English accent

    People who speak Swedish with an English accent are thought to be ambitious, friendly and well-educated — even if their accent is quite strong.That's according to a soon-to-be-published study from Uppsala University, where participants listened to a range of people speaking Swedish with different accents.Other accents got a more negative reception from participants.
  • Industrial unions to ramp up demands for higher pay

    Ahead of collective wage bargaining talks with employers, Sweden's industrial unions say they won't settle for the around two percent pay increases seen on average over the past decade.In last year's collective bargaining agreement for 2023-2024, the unions representing industry workers secured a 3.7 percent wage increase after asking for 4.4 percent and they want around the same level again for next year.”We will not go down to the levels we have been at for the last ten years,” says IF Metall's chair Marie Nilsson to Swedish Radio News.
  • Sweden's Foreign Minister calls reports of Israeli attack on Iran as ”deeply worrying”

    Sweden's Foreign Minister Tobias Billström describes reports of an Israeli missile attack on Iran as ”deeply worrying,” as the government called for a de-escalation in rising tensions between the two countries in the Middle East.”It is something that we on the government's side take very seriously and follow very closely,” Billström told SVT News on Friday morning.”We must see an end to the altercations and escalation”, he added.
  • New DNA method can help identify family ties and solve crime

    A new DNA forensic profiling method may make it easier for the Migration Agency to trace family ties, and assist the identification of unknown human remains.This could help police clear-up unsolved murders and other crimes, Swedish Radio News reports.Andreas Tillmar at the National Board of Forensic Medicine is leading the research, and says the new method makes it possible to get more information from smaller amounts of DNA and even damaged samples.
  • Audit Office: Information security in healthcare not properly supported

    Sweden's National Audit Office says the government does not give health and social care providers enough support to secure patients' personal information.”We have seen that care providers do not receive the guidance they need to have adequate protection for personal data,” says lead auditor Nedim Colo.Were a leak or cyberattack to occur, people's personal information could spread online or be unavailable to doctors during emergencies, Colo says.
  • Food delivery gear being used to commit crimes

    Clothes and bags from food delivery company Foodora are being used by people committing crimes, according to an investigation by P4 Göteborg.The local Swedish Radio channel has looked at several court verdicts.The perpetrator of a shooting in Borås wore Foodora clothes, and during the 2022 Easter riots in Örebro, stones were hidden in one of the company's bags.
  • Agency: Eurovision could be used to spread disinformation

    Sweden's Psychological Defence Agency is warning of an increased threat of disinformation linked to the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, aimed at causing anxiety and division.”It's reasonable to assume that Islamist groups will primarily try to spread rumours and propaganda,” says Mikael Östlund, head of communications at the agency.Israel's participation in Eurovision is controversial due to the war in Gaza.